Robi Dekhiye Dao Quiz Contest (organized by Independant TV Channel)

Robi subscribers using TK 10 in every hour may WIN a 3G Handset.

Robi subscribers using TK 20 in a day (everyday) shall have the chance to WIN a Bike /TV.

Freedom of Bangladesh is a history of unique facts. After long years of colonial domination and subjugation, independence was achieved through unrelenting struggles and a blood stained liberation war in 1971. Do we all know about the struggles, about the sacrifices made by the martyrs, about the glory of our hard earned emancipation? Independent TV is proud to host the Victory Day Quiz Contest program “Dekhiye Dau” to unfold the history of our independence to the new generation. The program will instill the great values of the hard earned independence of Bangladesh and the great struggle of its citizens to earn the victory in 1971.
We are delighted that leading mobile telecom operator Robi is sponsoring the program. As the exclusive partner of the program, valued Robi subscribers will be eligible to enter into the contest. The contest will run in three stages: Hourly and Daily. Grand Finale will be held on 16th of December 2014.
Differentiating Values   
a. Only Robi subscribers will be eligible to participate in the contest;
b. All eligible subscribers participated will have the Equal chance to WIN very attractive gift with WOW factor.
c. Winner selection will be Live Broadcasted in the Prestigious Independent TV channel @ everyday.
Winner Selection Criteria
- Qualifying criteria is min 10Tk usage in an hour
- Usage: local voice call (on-net + off-net)
- Hourly quiz contest will start for each hour from 7 am to 5 pm
- Robi will share hourly qualifying MSISDNs to the TV channel
- TV channel host will pick up MISISDN randomly (through automated software) from the eligible list & ask a question.
- 1st five customers who can provide the correct answer will be selected as winner & will be awarded an attractive 3G Handset.
- TV channel will start airing the pre-recorded show from 11.57 am with an hourly interval till 8.57 pm every day.
- A total of 50 daily winners will be selected (5 winners/hour starting from 7am to 5pm)

- Qualifying criteria is min 20Tk usage during the day.
- Usage: local voice call (on-net + off-net)
- Usage between 7 am to 5 pm will be considered as daily contest.
- Robi will share daily qualifying nos. with the TV channel
- The anchor of the TV channel will announce a Quiz Question in LIVE @ 9.40 PM every day for daily qualifying customers
             o Qualifying Customers are required to send correct answer to short code 7777 immediately after the Quiz question is announced
- TV channel host will then call randomly (through automated software) selected customers who provided the correct answer & will conduct an interactive quiz session based on principle of elimination.
- Top winner will win a Fabulous daily prize [Motor Bike or Samsung Smart TV]
- WINNER Announcement will be telecasted LIVE during the show.

Grand Finale
- Daily winners will participant in grand finale at the end.
- Participants will be contested on their knowledge of independence and history of Bangladesh.
- Top winner will get a grand prize.
General Conditions  
- Hourly & Daily Usage will be treated as Local mobile voice call (onnet + offnet).
- Any Robi subscriber will be eligible to participate in the contest upon fulfilling minimum qualification criterion of spending BDT 10 hourly and BDT 20 daily respectively.
- Independent TV channel will be responsible for designing, conducting the TV Show and selecting & rewarding the winners.
- One customer can win multiple times hourly or daily contest.
- Subscriber can opt-out any time by typing “STOP” & send to 7777.
- Independent TV will call the winners only from 01869 66 66 66.



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