Robi 499Tk Scratch Card | Unilever Winter Product Bundle 153Tk Free

Robi On 499Tk Scratch Card, Get Unilever Winter Product Bundle 153Tk Free

Eligible Consumers
Prepaid & Postpaid Consumers (including SME Uddokta & Easy load and Corporate). 
How To Get the Bundle
Subscribers will get the bundle pack with purchasing Tk 499 scratch card (SC). Tk 499 SC will be attached with the bundle pack, which includes:
- 1 Dove bar 50g
- 1 Vaseline PJ 50ml
- 1 FAL 25g Winter Fairness Cream

General Conditions  
- All Robi prepaid and post-paid customers will be eligible for this campaign.
- Only through the purchasing of Tk 499 SC, a customer can avail the Unilever bundle pack offer.
- Customers will get the FREE Unilever bundle offer on every Tk 499 SC purchase during the campaign period.
- Campaign will be run till stocks last.




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