my banglalink-banglalink app

Now your own Banglalink self-care center “My Banglalink” app has more useful features for your Android handset. my banglalink is a one stop solution for banglalink customers to check their balance/bill status, purchase different internet packs, check volume and expiry of internet packages, activate or deactivate different banglalink value added services and much more!

The following services will be available through the app:

  • balance/bill- pre-paid subscribers can check their pre-paid balance and post paid subscribers can check their bill
  • fnfs- can check their existing fnfs, add/delete fnfs
  • enjoy mobile financial services
  • tariff plan change- subscribers can check their tariff plan and migrate to different available tariff plans
  • register/deregister different vas & data services
  • access to banglalink care line- subscribers can access to 121, visit banglalink web site, banglalink facebook, twitter page
  • provide feedbacks
supported platform:
Google Play Store:
Apple App Store:
Windows Store:

charges: my banglalink is free to use for all banglalink subscribers. however, data charges will be applicable to download and use the app as per subscriber’s data plan.

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