Robi Free Facebook & WhatsApp with Selected Pack which has 10Tk or 10Tk+ In Price

Activate your *Simplified Internet Pack” and enjoy “FREE Facebook & WhatsApp” and stay Always-on internet with your friends & family stories. To maximize engagements with friends & families over mobile Robi internet, we are offering this special offer.


Pack Name 
Combo 20Tk (100mb + 20mln, 20sms) *8666*20#
• *Simplified Packs (over USSD *8444#)
- 25MB 1Day *8444*21#
- 100MB 7Day *8444*100#
- 500MB 30Days *8444*500#
- 1GB 30Days *8444*85#
- 2GB 30Days *8444*29#
*Above price is excluding 15% VAT

Free/Bonus  Unlimited Facebook & WhatsApp

Free/Bonus Validity  Till principal pack volume exists.

 Is there any time band to use the Free FB or WhatsApp?
ANS: No. There is no time band to use the Free FB or WhatsApp.

 Who are eligible for the pack?
ANS: All Robi subscribers are eligible for the packs.

 With any Simplified pack can I use the FB and WhatsApp?
ANS: No, it’s applicable only for *mentioned SP packs.

 How can I check my remaining volume of data or cancel auto renewal?
ANS: Just dial *8444*88#; it will show the data volume & validity. To deactivate dial *8444# and go review plan to cancel subscription.

 Will I get notification on data consumption?
ANS: Yes you will get notification on volume expire.

 If I don’t have volume remaining in my principal pack, can I use the free FB or WhatsApp?
ANS: No, to enjoy free FB/WhatsApp you will have to have volume of your principal pack.



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