Off-Net Video Call between Robi & Airtel
For the 1st time in Bangladesh, all Robi customers can enjoy 3.5G Video calls (both outgoing and incoming) with AIRTEL numbers.

Call Types  Charge/pulse
Robi - Robi  20 paisa/10 sec
Robi - Airtel  20 paisa/10 sec
Robi - all other Operator  Not allowed except Airtel

Robi - Robi  Free
Airtel - Robi  Free
Other Operator - Robi  Not allowed except Airtel

- All Robi Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers can avail the service
- 15% VAT applicable in all charges
- Basic Info for Video Call:
* Both subscribers need to have video call enabled handset.
* Both handsets need to be activated for 3.5G service (handset settings).* Both connections have to be registered in 3.5G service (for opt-in 3.5G Robi Network: dial *666*1#).* Both subscribers should be under respective 3.5G network coverage.* Subscribers need to have enough balance to make video calls, like any other services.* Both handsets need to have enough battery power (example: Samsung Note 3 does not allow video call if battery power level is 15% or less).* Video call does not consume any data (Bundle or PPU).


Q. Who is eligible for 3.5G Video Call?
A. All Robi subscribers (Prepaid & Postpaid) can avail the service.

Q Is any DATA Pack/service required for making a video call?
A. No, But you have to be in 3.5G network coverage, registered in 3.5G service with 3.5G enabled video call supported handset.

Q. Will it be consuming my DATA pack while receiving/making Video call?
A. No, it will not consume any data.

Q. Can I make video call to any other operator from Robi?
A. Yes, Now you can only make video call with Airtel.

Q. What would be the charge if I make a video call to Airtel?
A. 20 paisa per 10sec will be charged and 15% VAT will be applicable.

Q. Will it be charged receiving video call from Airtel or Robi?
A. No, receiving video call is free of charge from Airtel or Robi.

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