Banglalion WiMAX Device Add-on Service! Use Two Device with One Account!

Device Add-on Service
Postpaid user can add ONE additional device in his/her account to use and share one data plan simultaneously
Terms & Conditions:
  1. Device addition service is free of charge
  2. Account must be Postpaid
  3. Applicable for all type of devices
  4. All devices can be used simultaneously and will share primary account’s data bank. For limited plans data limit will be shared, for unlimited/King plans FUP limit will be shared
  5. Additional usage will be charged (for limited data plan) at existing market rate
  6. Additional device will have same download/upload speed as primary account’s plan speed
  7. Supplementary device cannot use multiple plans at the same time
  8. Add-on device (MAC id) will be available under Service tab in WSC
  9. For supplementary (add-on) device, MAC id of the device will be considered as User Id.  Password for the device will remain same and it will be primary account’s password
  10. A single invoice of Primary account will be created at the new bill cycle
  11. Usage history will show combined data usage of all the devices

 Notification Process from Customer:
  1. Primary account holder must request for device add-on service. S/he has to provide MAC address for supplementary devices while request. Request can be done through:
  2. Opening an online ticket from web self-care
  3. Email at 
  4. It will take up to 24 hours to activated/integrated add-on device in the system after customer notification
  5. Customer can add devices through following methods:
    1. Purchase new Postpaid device at market rate
    2. Reactivate an unused device by clearing previous dues
    3. Add active device by clearing dues (if any)
  6. If customer wants to remove any supplementary device from the primary account, then he has to notify for device removal request. Customer can notify by opening a ticket or email

Banglalion reserves the right to revise terms and conditions without prior notice



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