Grameenphone iGift! Internet Package Gifting!

With great pleasure, Gerameenphone brings to you: “Internet Package Gifting” service. Through this facility, you can gift internet packages to your near and dear ones within the Grameenphone family of 5 crore people. Six types of GP internet packages are available as gifts; which can be sent to any GP number.

The gift packages, along with the procedure for sending:
Default Package NameKeyword
Volume_75MB_512kbps_3Gigift < space > 75mb < space > receiver’s no < space > senders name
Volume_250MB_512kbps_3Gigift < space > 250mb < space > receiver’s no< spac e> senders name
Volume_1GB_512Kbps_3Gigift < space > 1gb< space > receiver’s no< space > senders name
Smartplan_299_3G_512Kbpsigift < space > sp299< space > receiver’s no< space > senders name
Click_3G_4MB_512Kbpsigift < space > 4mb< space > receiver’s no< space > senders name
igift < space > click< space > receiver’s no< space > senders name
Edge_60MBigift < space > 60mb< space > receiver’s no< space > senders name

Features and conditions of this service are explained below:
  • To know the process of “Internet Package Gifting”, type “iGift” and send it to 5000.
  • Balance will be deducted from the senders number where Internet package will be activated on the receivers number
  • Customers can gift Internet Packages to their friends and family directly from their own accounts
  • Only Internet Deactivated and Pay As you Internet package subscribers can receive Internet Package gift
  • This will be applicable for both prepaid and postpaid customers
  • Pre-Pre, Post-Pre Only applicable
  • No Postpaid Customers can receive any gift
  • Postpaid customers can only gift packages
  • At this moment only 6 Specific default packages will be available for gifting
  • BS postpaid customers can not gift any package
  • No confirmation needed from receiver, direct package will be activated with confirmation SMS and procedure how to turn off auto renew.
  • Spread the happiness among your near and dear ones!



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