Teletalk Jamai Ador Contest

10 Okapia Smartphones
3 Teletalk Router
2  Teletalk Dongle


How to Participate
1 To register, enter your Teletalk active/inactive/obsolete number. To register, Participants will have to input their name and mobile number. Participants can only use Teletalk number to register. 
2 For successful registration, participants need to enter the password into within 12hrs to verify their accounts which will be sent to registered number via SMS. 

How to Invite
1 To invite, enter your friend’s name and inactive/obsolete number to registration dialog box. 
2 For every successful invitation, participants need to enter the PIN into to verify the number which will be sent to invited number via SMS within 12hrs. In that case, invited person must recharge Tk. 20/- to activate the sim. 

How to Win
1 There will be no invitation limit. Winning possibility will be higher depending on more successful invitation. With every successful invitation, both the inviter and invitee will get 30 minutes (on-net) talk time (worth of Tk. 10). 10 points will be awarded for every successful invitation. Invitee can also participate in this contest. Top 15 point earned contestant will be considered as winner of this contest. 


1 ‘Teletalk Jamai Ador’ contest is open only to the users of teletalk; who is 18 years or above, citizen and resident of Bangladesh.

2 Teletalk Jamai Ador contest will start from 18th January 2015 and will continue for a month till 18th February 2015. 

3 Total number of winners will be 15 (There will not be any scope of duplication of winner). 

4 To claim the winning prize, participants’ Teletalk SIM must be registered and must show a valid photo ID card. 

5 Winners will be selected on the basis of highest pointachievement. Teletalk’s decision will be regarded as final and binding on all the participants. 

6 Employees of Teletalk, Ogilvy & Mather and their family members cannot participate in this Contest. 

7 Each participant agrees that they shall have no claims against Teletalk or its service providers in relation to the use by such participant of any prize/reward provided to the winner of the Contest. 

8 Any decision taken by Teletalk would be considered as final. Teletalk reserves the right to change, extend or cancel this campaign at any point in time. Teletalk also reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any point in time. 


1 What is the duration of the ‘TeletalkJamaiador’ contest?
Ans: Duration of the contest is one month, starting from 1st January to 31st January.

2 How many people can be invited?
Ans: One can invite as many as people he can manage, there is no limit.

3 Is it possible to invite anyone who uses Teletalk SIM?
Ans: Yes, it is possible to invite anyone who uses Teletalk network, regardless of the status of SIM (inactive / obsolete), here the inviter needs to activate his inactive SIM first then he will be eligible for the contest. In terms of invited people, they need to activate their SIM first then they will be eligible for participating in the contest and can invite other people as well.

4 What is the minimum age requirement for participants and invited people for eligibility to take part in the contest?
Ans: The contestants need to be a resident and citizen of Bangladesh and age must at least 18 years old.

5 How participants would receive their prize?
Ans: Participants would receive their prizes through confirming over the phone or courier or award ceremony.

6 What would be the maximum talk time a participant would receive in the ‘TeletalkJamaiador’ contest?
Ans: Each participant would receive maximum of Tk. 10 worth of talk time for inactive or obsolete each successful SIM activation.

7 How participants would take part in the contest?
Ans: Please see the contest modality.

8 How participants would receive their talk time?
Ans: Participants would receive talk time through a confirmation message after verification.

9 What is the selection process of the winners?
Ans: Winners would be selected on the highest number of SIM activation provided by the dashboard.

10 Can an invited participant invite other people to take part in the contest?
Ans: Yes, it is possible; in that case the invited person has to active his SIM submitting PIN number regardless of inactivity or obsolescence.

11 How the contestants would confirm if they are registered?
Ans: A confirmation message will be sent by Teletalk authority after verification and PIN number.

12 When participants would be considered disqualified?
Ans: If any participants enter wrong PIN/Password three times.

13 What are the causes to be disqualified from the contest?
Ans: Wrong PIN number entry.

14 How do I know my SIM is inactive/obsolete?
Ans: Visit to know if your SIM is inactive/obsolete.

15 How many times a contestant can take part in the contest?
Ans: A contestant can take part as many as possible if he has the Teletalk valid SIM.
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