Robi Free Internet Coupon! Enjoy 5MB Free internet Everyday on Opera Mini only!

Robi Free Internet Coupon! Enjoy Free internet on Opera Mini only!

Enjoy Free internet on Opera Mini only!
Now you can enjoy FREE Internet on Opera mini by activating daily 5MB free internet coupon, this will facilitate non/low internet users to experience internet resources.

Free Volume 5 MB
Cost in BDT No charge for Subscribers
Activation Opera-mini Speed Dial“free internet coupon”
Validity 24 Hrs

-Data volume can be used in 2G/3G network environment.
-Free volume accessible on Opera-mini Only.
-The service is only available for Android devices.


 How do I get a free Internet coupon?
1. Using the Opera Mini browser, Click on the “free internet coupon” speed dial.
2. Confirm by clicking activate, and then you can start free browsing.
please note:
 Browsing time starts immediately after purchase; you cannot pause or delay it.
 Data charges do not apply to the Coupon Store or purchase pages.

 Is there any time band to use the coupon volume?
ANS: No, you can use the volume any time.

 Who are eligible for the coupon?
ANS: All Robi prepaid/postpaid subscribers browsing through opera mini browser can activate the
coupon. BUT daily 15,000 users will get the coupon & first-in, first-served basis will apply

 Can I activate coupon multiple times?
ANS: You can activate one coupon daily.



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