Grameenphone Exclusive International Roaming Offer! 98% discount in 11 countries!

Grameenphone introduces an exciting Roaming offer where a customer can roam in countries with Telenor footprint at an amazing discount! Spanning in 11 countries, one can enjoy up to a 98% discount while using Voice, SMS and Data (Internet) services in these countries.

This offer is exclusively for Grameenphone Roaming Customers who will visit the countries with Telenor Footprint from 12th February to 11th May in 2015. Through this campaign, one can make Local or International Outgoing calls at a single rate of BDT 30.00 to any destination of own choice. Beside this, customers will not be charged for receiving any Incoming call (they only have to pay the re-routing charge of BTCL). And that’s not all; while roaming in these countries, customer can browse the Internet with an amazing 98% discount (at BDT 20.00/MB) without any limit on volume of consumption.
Detail tariffs are:
Outgoing Local Call (min)Outgoing Call Bangladesh (min)Outgoing Call to other country (min)Incoming Call (min)*Outgoing SMSData (MB)
  • 15% VAT is applicable on these rates
  • For Incoming call, re-routing charge of BTCL is applicable
Customers can enjoy the same roaming tariffs while roaming with Vodafone in Australia and New Zealand during this period (February 12th to May 11th, 2015).
Please find below a detail list of Operators and countries where this offer is available. To avail the offer, a customer will have to select the Operator’s network as mentioned below:
BulgariaTelenor Bulgaria
DenmarkTelenor Denmark
HungaryTelenor Hungary
MontenegroTelenor Montenegro
NorwayTelenor Norway
PakistanTelenor Pakistan
SerbiaTelenor Serbia
SwedenTelenor Sweden
AustraliaVodafone Australia
New ZealandVodafone New Zealand

Note: For Prepaid, this offer is available in – Malaysia, Thailand, India, Norway and Hungary.
While enjoying these special tariffs at the above destinations, customer can use TravelSure Internet Limits to monitor and control Internet usage. TravelSure Internet Limit is a unique feature that enables a customer to monitor Internet Roaming usage and receive real time notifications free of charge through SMS. A Roamer can set any of the 5 TravelSure Internet Limits that are available to monitor and control Internet Roaming usage.

TravelSure Internet LimitActivation ProcessCheck Limit & Data Consumption
05 MB*111*5*8*1*1# 
20 MB*111*5*8*1*2# 
50 MB*111*5*8*1*3#      *111*5*8*2#
200 MB*111*5*8*1*4# 

TravelSure Internet Limits have following key features:
  • Customer will receive automated notification upon consumption of data volume within the threshold limit (at 50%, 80% and 100%).
  • For the “Unlimited” option, one can enjoy unlimited Internet usage without any limit and hence no notification will be generated.
  • The Internet Limits are renewed on the 1st day of every month. If your data usage reaches the Limit within a month, then customer can request for a new Limit (either same or different).



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