The UNLIMITED FnF is a new Robi prepaid package that offers the subscribers the ultimate chance of selecting as many FnF numbers as possible, that too, with the most attractive rate and lifetime validity!

Offer Details
1. Any Robi prepaid customers (except Uddokta, Easyload/PCO, SME, and Corporate) can migrate to this prepaid package by dialing *8999*90#.
2. Subscribers are eligible to subscribe for UNLIMITED FnF numbers.
3. There is lifetime validity for the FnF numbers.
4. The tariff plan for the FnF numbers is as follows:
          a. Robi-Robi = 1 p/sec (from 5 pm to 12 midnight)
          b. Robi-Robi = 0.5 p/sec (from 12 midnight to 5 pm)
          c. Robi-Others = 1 p/sec (24 hours)
5. The base tariff will be a flat 2 p/sec (24 hours) for all numbers.

Summary of the tariff plan:

Migration Code*8999*90#
Base Tariff
On-Net2 p/sec
Unlimited FnF
On-Net1 p/sec0.5 p/sec
Off-Net1 p/sec1 p/sec
Other General Conditions
- Subscribers can migrate out to any other packages using the respective migration codes.
- Base tariff and FnF Tariff:
          a. Applicable to local numbers only
          b. Pulse is 1 sec
- For FnF numbers, subscribers need to:
          a. Dial *140# and follow instructions thereafter, OR
          b. Send SMS to 8363 as follows:
ToSMS FormatExample
Add FnF number(s)A first-number-to-be-added second-number-to-be-added third-number-to-be-addedA 018xxxxxxxx 017xxxxxxxx 019xxxxxxxx
Delete FnF number(s)D number-to-be-deletedD 018xxxxxxxx
To know FnF number(s)FF
To know about the whole processHH

- A maximum of 80 FnF numbers can be configured.
- Charges of any other services will remain as per the standard rate.
- 15% VAT applicable for all the tariffs.

Unlimited SMS

Subscribers of the UNLIMITED FnF package will now be able to enjoy an UNLIMITED SMS pack for only Tk. 5!
OfferValidityPrice (W/O VAT)Purchase Code
UNLIMITED SMS2 daysBDT 5*8666*005#
- The UNLIMITED SMS pack is applicable for the subscribers of the UNLIMITED FnF package only. Any Robi prepaid customers (except Uddokta, Easyload/PCO, SME, and Corporate) can migrate to the UNLIMITED FnF package by dialing *8999*90#.
- There is a cap of a maximum of 60 Robi-Robi SMS and 40 Robi-Others SMS.
- SMS can be used for local numbers only.
- After the consumption of this UNLIMITED SMS pack, P2P standard tariff will be charged.
- To check the balance of Robi-Robi SMS, customers need to dial *222*10#.
- To check the balance of Robi-Others SMS, customers need to dial *222*20#.
- Subscribers can purchase this pack as many times as they want.
- 15% VAT is applicable.
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