Women's Day Special Campaign

Women’s Day special SMS2WIN is a SMS based interactive Quiz campaign which has the capability to present questions to the registered users, calculate the scores, and select the top scores of the quizzes. This contest provides Robi customers with the opportunity to use SMS to answer quizzes and stand a chance to win prizes.
Campaign Duration 
March 6, 2015 to March 20, 2015

Campaign Details
- Robi subscribers will be able to participate in the quiz contest by registering regular Girl’s Corner service just by sending START GC to 16309 or by dialing *16309*1*4*1#.
- Both existing and new users of the service will be able to participate in the campaign. Existing subscribers will be able to participate in the campaign by sending SMS “Q” to 16309.
- After registration, subscribers will receive confirmation SMS including information about opt-out process and first question will received along with multiple answers. Subscriber will also get daily content from Girl’s Corner service on SMS within the day of registration.
- To answer the given question, Subscriber can send either A or B. If the answer is received, the system shall send the next question by mentioning Right/Wrong of previous question.
- User can request/retrieve for the next available question anytime by sending Q command to 16309.
- Subscribers can check the daily and total score by sending SCORE command to 16309
- They will be able to opt-out/ de-register from the service anytime by sending SMS “STOP GC” to 16309.

Tariff (in BDT)
- Regular Girl’s Corner content: 2.00+VAT/Content (Daily One content)
- Question, Score & wrong Keyword: 2.00+VAT/MT
- Notification/Confirmation message & Opt-in/opt-out messages: FREE

Rewards for the Participants
- Daily Winner: Everyday ONE lucky winner will be selected based on highest SCORE of that day and will be rewarded with BDT 100 Easy load.

- Gala Winners: After ending the campaign period, Top FIVE lucky Winners will be selected based on campaign highest SCORE and will be rewarded with below attractive prizes -
1. 1st prize: Apple iPhone 6
2. 2nd prize: Samsung Galaxy Note3 Neo
3. 3rd prize: HTC One (E8)
4. 4th prize: 1000 Taka Easy load
5. 5th prize: 500 Taka Easy load

** Winners will be notified over phone call by respective CP.

Theme and Points Calculation
- Question will be related to the theme like General Knowledge, Movies, Women, Sports, Current Affairs, Bangladesh, Music, Health, History, Science, etc.
- Quiz participant will notify via SMS each day morning about theme of the day.
- First 10 days of the campaign, user will get question related to each theme.
- Next 5 days of the campaign, user will get random question from all these themes.
- Each right answer will carry 1 point, no penalty point for wrong answer.
- Bonus question will arrive after ending every 5th number question which will carry 5 bonus points.
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