Banglalion WiMAX Postpaid 10GB 400Tk Data Add On Service! Add Extra Data in Need!

Banglalion Postpaid Add-on Data Offer


Start Date01/09/2015
End Date07/09/2015

Eligible Customers
Prepaid: N/A
  • All Postpaid Limited Plan Customer will enjoy 10GB additional data @ 400tk. on purchase data add-on service.

Data Add-onOld PriceNewPrice
Promotion TypePrepaid: N/A
Postpaid: Enjoy 10GB additional data @400tk on purchase data add-on service.
 Terms andConditions:
a)      Applicable to the only segmented customers (mentionedabove)
b)      Validity will remain same as per the rechargedenomination
c)      Eligible users will also avail all other offers (whereapplicable)
d)      For multiple offers, customer will be entitled higherbenefit
e)      All other Prepaid policy will remain same

Banglalion WiMAX Postpaid Data or Double Speed Add On Service!
Add Extra Data or Double Speed in Need


Sometimes you need litte extra support to meet your data or speed need on your Postpaid plan. That's why we have intorduced add-on services where you can purchase extra volume or dobule your speed based on your need. Our available add-on services are:
Add-on Services Service Charge
Additional Data 2 GB Tk. 200 (incl. VAT)
Additional Data 5 GB Tk. 400 (incl. VAT)
Additional Data 10 GB Tk. 700 (incl. VAT)
Unlimited Data (1AM - 6AM) Tk. 200 (incl. VAT) with 5 days validity
Unlimited Data (7AM - 11AM) Tk. 200 (incl. VAT) with 5 days validity
Unlimited Data (1AM - 6AM) Tk. 400 (incl. VAT) with 12 days validity
Unlimited Data (7AM - 11AM) Tk. 400 (incl. VAT) with 12 days validity
Double Speed Tk. 200 (incl. VAT) with 15 days validity
Double Speed Tk. 400 (incl. VAT) with 30 days validity
To add this:
  • Visit Web self-care (
  • Log-in with your User ID and Password
  • Go to SERVICES tab
  • Top up your desired service. Customer must have sufficient balance on his account to purchase add-on
  • Receive the confirmation message
  • Customers’ connection must be in active status to enjoy these Add-on services. If he/she becomes inactive (by not paying within grace period), then he will not be able to use Internet
  • An invoice will be created in the customers' account upon purchase
Terms & Conditions (Additional data add-on service):
  • One account can purchase this Add-on as many times
  • Validity of the quota will be valid until the end of his/her bill cycle
  • Unused data will be carry forwarded on next bill cycle
  • Add-on quota will be added on regular limit (Limited plan) or on FUP limit (King plan)
Terms & Conditions (Unlimited data add-on services):
  • Applicable for limited plan Postpaid customer only
  • No FUP is applicable during unlimited hours
  • Respective plan speed (up to) will be applicable for unlimited hours
  • No data will be consumed from the plan limit during this unlimited time upon purchase the service
  • One account can purchase as many times and combinations of Add-on. However system will not allow to purchase multiple Add-on (duplicate) for the same expiry date  
Terms & Conditions (Double Speed):
  • Double speed will be based on customers' regular plan speed. Speed refers to maximum allowable download speed
  • Customer number of days will be start counting from the day he purchase the add-on plan
  • Once purchase, customer must restart his modem to get the bonus speed
  • One account will be eligible of maximum 1 (one) speed add-on plan. System will not allow him to take more than one add-on (speed) plan during validity
  • After FUP, download speed will also be doubled based on FUP speed limit

Ready to purchase your desired add-on? please visit here

For details, please call 09611-556677 or 16313



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