Free Internet In Bangladesh Will be launched Soon...

Internet free of charge
FREE Internet access in the country is being launched this month. Facebook is in the early stages, the government will have the opportunity to get to the website of the service. This list will be added to the health, education, employment, communications, business, various emergency service information at the local level.

the app is available on Android smartphones running Android 2.3 and above, and the website is available on data-capable feature phones.
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Facebook is going to turn to the advantage of the Internet dot-ORG ( project. The project was officially launched last week of this month will be the first in the light of information and communication minister Ahmed Junaid. He said that initially the National Portal, service portal, national form of government portals will be available from multiple websites.

According to the company, the project is already in Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia, Ghana, Zambia and India has been launched. Gradually some of the projects underway.The project is working with the government as well as the Prime Minister's Office of Information and Communication Access to Information (Access to Information) project. Access to Information Policy Advisor anira Chowdhury said, "We have started working with Facebook. Initially, several issues on our national web portal has been launched. This portalagulo seen the phone, so we're working on. 5 phases of the project can be found on the website at all. "As a result of the introduction of the service computer services as well as mobile phones can be used at no cost. The project is supported by the mobile service provider company.Projects in the mobile and the computer to the Internet dot-ORG apps have access to the Internet without charge. Or directly to the Internet via the App Dot oarajite log into the site can be seen in the details of the site. The Internet by logging in to the dot-ORG does not take the cost of Internet service contracting firms. After being introduced to the project can be found on the Internet dot org App. Under the program, the country's top newspapers multiple services can be found on the internet without spending has been involved.

The Internet to bring in low-cost, low data using the website, all apps and smartphones to more readily available on the Internet have been taken. Internet access is available in the world is officially launched on August 21 of the 013 projects in the Internet dot org. All of us everywhere, articulated (Every One of Al, Every Where, connected) emana launched the slogan of the initiative aims to bring 500 million people on the Internet. Currently, 70 million people in the world is the internet service. At the initiative of the Internet service free of charge as well as Facebook, Ericsson, MediaTek, Opera, Samsung, Nokia and Qualcomm. 

The project can be found in the data address.




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