Emergency Quota for Prepaid


Customer Type Emergency Quota
All Prepaid Customer 100 MB
24 hours

  Terms & Conditions
  • Applicable for both active and inactive Prepaid customers
  • Customer can refill this quota from WSC (see below)
  • Customer can refill this quota only ONCE before recharging. No consecutive refill without a Prepaid recharge
  • System will deduct emergency quota amount (100 MB or up to whatever amount is used) from the next recharge on any limited data Prepaid card
  • Emergency quota will not be deducted from unlimited Prepaid. Instead it will deduct from the next limited Prepaid recharge
  • Validity for the emergency quota is 24 hours or Prepaid expiry date whichever is higher
  • All other Prepaid policy will remain same

Process for Emergency Refill
  • Login Web Self-Care by visiting at www.banglalion4g.com or care.banglalionwimax.com
  • At the bottom of "Account Summary" page click "Emergency Refill"
  • From the emergency refill page, click "Top up" the emergency quota
  • A confirmation message will be shown after successful top up
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