Qubee WiMAX Eid Exciting Offer For New & Existing Prepaid & Postpaid and Suspended


A very warm wishes to all QUBEE users for upcoming EID. Enjoy this Eid with more speed & volume. QUBEE wishing that all return back to you in many fold.
  • Enjoy up to 60GB extra volume for new monthly package users
  • Enjoy up to 300% bonus upon recharge for all Prepay users
  • Up to double speed & up to 100% bonus for one year old QUBEE monthly package users
  • Enjoy up to 200GB and 100& waiver on past dues for suspended QUBEE users

New Monthly Package Users

Package Monthly Tariff Total FREE volume for 6 months
1Mbps 30GB BDT 1500 60GB
2Mbps 8GB BDT 1500 48GB
1Mbps 8GB BDT 1000 48GB

Prepay Users

Card value Validity Regular Volume Bonus Volume Total Volume during offer period
BDT 100 7 days 350MB 500MB 850MB
BDT 300 30 days 1.2GB 3GB 4.2GB
BDT 400 30 days 1.25GB 4GB 5.25GB
BDT 500 30 days 2GB 5GB 7GB
BDT 700 30 days 2.5GB 7GB 9.5GB

Existing Monthly Package Users (1 year or longer)

Package Offer for June, July, August & September
1Mbps speed limit with any volume Enjoy Double Speed Limit with 50% EXTRA volume each month
1.5Mbps speed limit with any volume Enjoy 2Mbps Speed Limit with 60% EXTRA volume each month
2Mbps or more speed limit with any volume Enjoy 100% EXTRA volume each month

Suspended QUBEE users

Enjoy up to 200GB FREE Volume and up to 100% waiver on previous dues. These offers can be availed by simply getting in touch with us.

Terms & Conditions

  • All offers valid for a limited period
  • Terms & Conditions may be changed without prior notice



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