bKash Get Upto 5000Tk Bonus! Get Minimum 25Tk Bonus!

bKash Get Upto 5000Tk Bonus! Get Minimum 25Tk Bonus!

If You are not a bkash app user you will get this offer

Visit this Website click https://app.bkash.com/
1. Submit Your Bkash Number
2. Install bkash App
3. Using bkash App make One time mobile recharge/Send money/Cash out/Payment
then You will get 25Tk Bonus After the campaign ends

You Can also get 5000Tk Bonus!
In bkash app,You will see "Refer friend" option
By clicking that option share with your friends to get referral bonus 25Tk Per Referral
and also get a chance to meet Mashrafe in Person.

Campain Ends: 8 February 2019

Read in Bangla 

bKash App Referral T20 Championship is here

Participate in ‘bKash App Referral T20 Championship’ where you can play to win bonus and get a chance to meet Mashrafe in Person.

bKash customers can use the ‘Refer a Friend’ feature in App to recommend it to others. Both bKash customers who will refer the App (Referrer) and the Referee (non-App user, who will receive the referral) will each receive incentive of BDT 25 per referral if the Referee fulfills the campaign conditions (given in campaign eligibility below) within T+14 days i.e. 15 days including day of sign up .

  • Upon fulfillment of the campaign conditions by the Referee (provided that it is within T+14 days from sign up using the referral link), both the Referrer and the Referee will receive the incentive within next 3-4 working days as per eligibility
  • As soon as a referrer has completed 6 successful referrals, he/she will be eligible for BDT 100 more (in addition to the BDT 25 regular incentive). Eventually, he/she will receive BDT 100 for every 6th successful referral (BDT 100 after 6 successful referrals, another BDT 100 after 12, another after 18 and so on), up until 120 referrals which is the referral limit.
  • To be considered eligible to meet Mashrafe, a participant must complete more than 120 successful referrals. Even if someone is in the top 20 of referral championship participants and his/her number of total successful referral is under 120, he/she won’t be considered eligible to meet Mashrafe.

Eligibility of Referrer and Referee:

Both Referrer and Referee will be eligible for the regular incentive (BDT 25), only if that particular referee fulfills the following:
- Complete sign up process using the URL received from the Referrer within the campaign period
- Download bKash App
- Make any of the following outgoing transactions through the App within T+14 days from signing up using the referral link i.e. within 15 days including the day of sign up

# Outgoing transaction can be Mobile Recharge, Send Money, Cash Out at agent and Payment
  • Neither Referrer nor Referee will receive the incentive for that particular referee, if the referee signs up using the particular referral link but fails to fulfill the rest of the campaign conditions
  • Only the referrer will be eligible for the extra incentive after completing every 6th successful referral
  • One referrer will receive incentive only once against a particular referee (given that the referrer has not reached max no. of successful referrals, which is described in Offer Limits section below), and no other referrer will be eligible for incentive against that particular referee
  • One referee will receive incentive only once as a referee after successfully fulfilling all the campaign conditions (given that the associated referrer has not reached max no. of successful referrals)
  • If the referee signs up on the last day of the campaign, s/he will still have T+14 days (15 days including the day of sign up) to complete all the campaign conditions for the referrer to be eligible for incentive
  • In case the customer does not receive the incentive during the campaign period due to any unknown/unforeseen reason except for customer account status issue, bKash will retry for the incentive payment with three intervals within 2 months after the campaign. If all attempts fail, no other attempt will be made and customer will no longer be entitled for the incentive.
  • If referee’s incentive disbursement fails specifically due to trust level issue, bKash will attempt to provide the incentive once more within the 10th date of next month. If that disbursement fails too, that customer will not receive incentive for the campaign
  • bKash reserves the right to change/modify terms & conditions of the campaign or cancel the entire campaign at any time without giving any prior notice
  • bKash reserves the right to cancel referrer and/or referee incentive payout if the activities of the referrer and/or referee raises reasonable suspicion that the referrer and/or referee has abused the benefit of the referral campaign

Offer Limits:
  • One referrer will receive incentive for up to 120 successful referrals (for this, referral count will be calculated from this new campaign’s beginning). After he/she has reached 120 successful referrals, he/she will still be able to refer, but he/she and associated subsequent referees will not be eligible for incentive
  • One referee can receive incentive only once



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