Grameenphone International Call Forwarding

Grameenphone brings International Call Forwarding Service. Forward all incoming calls to your GP number from any international number while staying abroad!

  • Subscriber can register either SMS or USSD
  • For SMS based activation, port will be 8000
  • Subscriber will have to activate the service after registration
  • Subscriber will also have the option to activate the service from e-care
  • In case of activation service from e-care, subscriber needs to register in an e-care from Bangladesh first
  • Customer service agents will have the option to activate the service from CRM, based on customer request
  • For activation from CRM, the customer needs to mention the PIN number to an agent over the phone
  • Customers will have the option to activate the service either from a GP number or from a visiting number
  • In case of activation requests from a visiting number, the subscriber needs to send an SMS to 01707808000 number
  • Subscriber needs to cancel Call Forward service after his return to GP network

ActivityUSSDSMS Key WordSMS Port
Start CF
Service Activation
CF PIN Visiting number GP Number
Cancel Service
CF PIN Cancel
Cancel Registration
Stop CF
PIN Retrieve
CF Retrieve



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