Grameenphone 3G Wifi Router 2499TK | 3G Pocket Wifi Router 3945Tk Offer 1GB Free! Buy 8GB Get 8GB Free!

GP 3G Pocket Router:- MRP: 3,945 BDT
GP 3G Wifi Router (Carfi):- MRP: 2,499 BDT
Offer 1GB Free! Buy 8GB Get 8GB Free!


1GB & 8GB Offer For Router

Data Bundle Offer:
If any GP customer purchases any of new GP Router then
  • Customer will get 1GB Internet Free valid for 7 Days, 24 Hours
  • 8GB Internet @ 1157 TK (Including SD+VAT+SC) with 8GB Internet free.
  • Free 8GB Internet Volume validity is 7 days will be charger in first priority.
  • Regular 8GB Internet validity 28 Days.
The Internet Offer can be taken Maximum 2 times in 2 months.

Terms & Conditions:
  • Customer who buys the new modem or Routers will be tagged automatically in the campaign bundle offer eligible group, no need to send any keyword. If customer fails to be tagged automatically for a technical error the keyword “DM3”- For Modem and “DR3”- For Routers need to send 5050 port for Manual Tagging.
-For successful auto-tagging Customer will get 1GB Internet Free valid for 7 Days, 24 Hours
  • To buy Internet at discounted rate, customer has to send SMS:
-For 3G Internet Modem Send "DM5GB" to 5050 and 427 TK (Including SD+VAT+SC) will be deducted from customer's main account for 5GB Internet Offer
- For 3G Wifi Router Send "DR16GB" to 5050 and 608.75 TK will be deducted from customer's main account for 8GB Internet Offer
  • Campaign tagging will continue for 2 months and Customers can purchase this discounted Internet 5GB Internet or 16GB Internet bundle Offer maximum 02 times for 2 months.
  • If a customer is tagged on the 59th day after the campaign launching date, he/she will be able to enjoy the offer for 6 months.
  • For multiple SIM tagging attempts by same user in new modem, first valid tagging will be considered and campaign benefit will be applicable. Customer need to stay bundled with Modem/Router + SIM during the applicable Internet disbursement period.
  • Customers can know Internet balance by dialing *121*1*2#. After consumption of volume quota within the validity period customer will be charged at BDT.01/10Kb, up to BDT 200.
  • Customers can type “Check DM5GB” or “Check DR16GB”and send to 5050 to see how many times they have enjoyed the offer
  • To stop this Internet offer customer needs to SMS STOP to 5000 (FREE).
  • After 2nd opt-in, this offer will be automatically close and subscribers for any further attempt will be rejected with an SMS.
  • No Auto-renewal is applicable
  • Customer will get after sales service as per ZTE/ After-Sales Service policy From the authorized service point.
  • Customer will know more detail of the offer by calling 121
  • The campaign will end on April 05, 2017.

                    Following Pictures only to see the Modems ( Some offer not Correct)

 Pocket Wifi Router 


Wifi Router with Super Speed




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