20Tk Lottery Cancer Hospital POF Lottery Draw 27 April 2019
Professor Dr. Obayedullah-Ferdousi Foundation Cancer Hospital and Research Institute (POFF) Lottery 2019

Draw 27 April 2019 

To Check Result (28 April 2019 After 12PM)
Type "pof < space> Series & Ticket Number" send to 26969
Example " pof ka123456" send to 26969

To Buy Ticket  Type "pof" send to 16329 or Dial *16239#

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Bangladesh 20Tk Lottery Draw Result

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20Tk Lottery MANAS Lottery 2017 | Draw Result 4 Nov, 2017

To get result
Type "R" send to 16349  (free)

Robi m-Ticket 20Tk Lottery for Bangladesh Cancer Society (BCS) 2015

 Customer will type BCS and send SMS to 16329 to buy the lottery ticket.
 Campaign duration 10th October 2015 - 16 December, 2015

•  Customer will type BCS and send SMS to 16329 to buy the lottery ticket.
 •  Customer will type T and send SMS to 16329 to retrieve the lottery number.
 •  Customer will type R and send SMS to 16329 to check the lottery result (once it is published by BCS)

 Robi subscribers will be able to avail the following services

 •  Customers can purchase lottery tickets by using their mobile phone’s SMS
 •  Customers will receive the number/unique ID for the lottery tickets they will purchase in the reply SMS
 •  Customers will also be able to retrieve the lottery ticket ID whenever they want
 •  Customers can check result via SMS once it is published by BCS Authority.
 •  If a customer has lower than 20tk in his/her account s/he will not be able to purchase ticket and no notification will come to him. Only for successful balance deduction ticket can be purchased and the customer will get ticket information  through SMS.
 •  Launch Date: 10th October, 2015
 •  The last date of selling ticket through SMS is 16 December, 2015
 •  Draw date: 18 December, 2015
 •  BCS technical partner will submit the sold ticket series and number as well as unsold ticket series & number of soft copy to BCS before lottery drawing date.
 •  Note: Lottery drawing Date and Campaign duration may change as per Robi and BCS authority decision.
 •  There will be total BDT 4 million worth of prizes where the first prize will be 3 units which is BDT 1 million/unit. In other words, there will be three winners of the First Prize and each of the winners will get BDT 1 million. In case, the same  person has two winning tickets then he will get BDT 2 million, if he has three winning tickets he  will get BDT 3 million and likewise.

 •  To purchase m-ticket BDT 20.00 (including SD & VAT)
 •  To retrieve the m-ticket ID and check the lottery result BDT 0.00
SMS Keywords & process flow
SMS CategoryKey wordUSSD codePortConditionReply
Ticket purchaseBCSN/A16329Successful purchase replyObhinondon!
Apnar BD
Society Lottery
er Ticket no: KA0645001
@ 20 tk. Ei
SMS-ti save
kore rakhun,
apni Joyee
hole purushkar shongroher
jonno dorkar
TK 20 with VAT
-  If any non-eligible MSISDN send SMS to purchase lottery ticket (Robi employees and pool phone number).
-  In case of lower balance of customers’ number
"Dukhito, apnar number ti “BD Cancer Society Lottery,2015” m-Ticket er
jonno projojjo

“Dukhito, apnar number-e
porjapto poriman
balance nei.
“BD Cancer
Society Lottery,2015” m-Ticket-ti
kinte apnar
Tk.20 rakhun”
QueryTN/A16329If record found
(If required more than one MT SMS will
be sent, however Ticket number should not segregated into 2 or more SMS)
“Apnar kroy
-krito BD
Lottery Ticket No. hocche:
If no
record found
apnar ei mobile number e BD Cancer
Society Lottery, 2015-er kono M-Ticket kroy
kora hoyni. M-Ticket kinte
BCS likhe
pathiye din
16329 e,
Mullo 20 TK.”
Result checking  N/A16329 If not publishedBangladesh
Cancer Society Lottery draw
agami 2nd December,2015
te onushthito
Result published & won prizeObhinondon!  Apnar ticket no: XXXXXXXXXX,
XXXX puroshkar BDT XXXXXXX jitechen.
Puroshkar shongroher
jonno dial
korun: 09666776969.
Result published & won no prizeApnar ei
mobile number theke kroy-krito Ticket number
gulor moddhe
BCS authority-r prokashito
folafol-e kono winner hoini. Dhonnobad
apnar ongshogrohoner jonno
Wrong KeywordType anything other than T, R or BCS16329In case of retrieving numberSorry you sent wrong keyword.
BD Cancer
society lottery
er ticket kinte
BCS likhe
pathiye din
16329 no e,
Mullo 20 TK.
Robi employees will not be eligible to purchase lottery from their employee phone. But they can purchase lottery ticket from their personal mobile number.
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