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Robi & Daraz offers “Fatafati Friday Offer ”, the biggest & most awaited phone  shopping festival ever, beginning from  4th December for a limited period . Now you can buy various branded mobile phones along with attractive Robi bundles at discounted price from 4th December.
Robi brings the Fatafati Friday on the beginning of seasonal shopping festivals partnering with leading ecommerce platform Daraz (a sister concern of Rocket Internet) . This is the consequent offer of our last Muktir Utshab & Boishaki jhor offer .Robi has taken this visionary step to introduce the sales concept of Black Friday in Bangladesh in the name of FATAFATI FRIDAY. The Black Friday concept has been incredibly popular around the world with massive discounts and unbelievable deals, making it the shopping event of the year everyone waits for. Bangladeshi shoppers for the first time will enjoy a sale of such an unfathomable scale over a 24-hour marathon.

The Fatafati Friday sales campaign has already stirred a lot of interest among the consumers thanks to effective communication around the event. With leading brands across the industry we are offering unbelievable discounts upto 60% + on the devices. Not only that, we are also offering up-to 280% discount on Robi Bundles. Robi subscribers who will buy the both (devices + Robi bundle) will get additional discount.
Brand NameProduct NameMRPDiscountDiscounted Device PriceBundle PriceRobi bundle discountBundle Price (including SD & VAT)Bundle PriceBundle Validity
Alcatel  Fire C249940%1499299280%353.51,85330 days
POP C5649940%3899999263%1183.385,08390 day
POP C7699940%4199999263%1183.385,38390 days
Elite     X450170025%127599231%117.651,3937 days
X220135020%108099231%117.651,1987 days
X440149920%119999231%117.651,3177 days
EvoG6466620%373399231%117.653,8507 days
Evo7D711130%4978999263%1183.386,16190 days
EvoVX51199925%8999999263%1183.3810,18390 days
GadgetGang7G810,70020%8560999263%1183.389,74390 days
Gionee   M31799940%107991999264%2368.513,168180 days
P61199935%7799999263%1183.388,98390 days
L800289920%231999231%117.652,4377 days
S73299930%230991999264%2368.525,468180 days
Goldberg  FX19,40028%6768999263%1183.387,95190 days
iON NL7,69922%6005999263%1183.387,18990 days
EL14,99920%399999231%117.654,1177 days
HuaweiM.Pad T1 7.0 7" Tab T1-701u11,49020%9192299280%353.59,54630 days
IntexAqua Speed HD1139921%9005299280%353.59,35930 days
Lenovo  Yoga 8 B600025,50020%20400999263%1183.3821,58390 days
IdeaTab A350018,50020%14800999263%1183.3815,98390 days
IdeaTab A300018,50023%14245999263%1183.3815,42890 days
LG    LG G Flex63,90030%44730999263%1183.3845,91390 days
LG G457,90030%40530999263%1183.3841,71390 days
LG G340,90030%28630999263%1183.3829,81390 days
LG Magna18,90029%13419299280%353.513,77330 days
LG leon12,10031%834999231%117.658,4677 days
Maximus  iX UFO Smartphone 8GB9,99935%6499999263%1183.387,68390 days
iX KANE 8GB Smartphone13,99934%9239999263%1183.3810,42390 days
iX Hexa Smartphone 8GB8,99038%5574999263%1183.386,75790 days
Micromax      A961179932%8023999263%1183.389,20790 days
AQ4501999933%6699999263%1183.387,88390 days
A105999935%6499999263%1183.387,68390 days
A091608439%3711999263%1183.384,89590 days
A24329938%2045299280%353.52,39930 days
S300379930%2659299280%353.53,01330 days
D320495025%3713299280%353.54,06630 days
Microsoft     Lumia 53511,50044%6440999263%1183.387,62390 days
Lumia 54013,99935%9099999263%1183.3810,28390 days
Nokia XL13,99045%76951999264%2368.510,063180 days
Nokia X212,50040%7500999263%1183.388,68390 days
Lumia 640 XL19,99925%14999999263%1183.3816,18390 days
Lumia 4306,30035%4095999263%1183.385,27890 days
MyCell   Spider A410,00035%6500999263%1183.387,68390 days
P49,66529%6862999263%1183.388,04690 days
P2 - 7" 3G C. Tab 4GB6,49916%5459299280%353.55,81330 days
P58,50035%5525299280%353.55,87930 days
Symphony           Xplorer H1509,29030%6503999263%1183.387,68690 days
Xplorer V405,99028%4313299280%353.54,66630 days
Xplorer V556,59027%4811299280%353.55,16430 days
Xplorer W15i (3G)3,79029%2691299280%353.53,04430 days
Xplorer W13010,99034%7253999263%1183.388,43790 days
Xplorer W22 (3G)5,39033%3611299280%353.53,96530 days
Xplorer W70Q5,99034%3953299280%353.54,30730 days
Xplorer W70Q5,99030%4193299280%353.54,54730 days
Xplorer W21 (3G)4,19028%3017299280%353.53,37030 days
W69Q5,84028%4205299280%353.54,55830 days
Xplorer W314,79025%3593299280%353.53,94630 days
W1288,99032%6113999263%1183.387,29790 days
Samsung                 Galaxy Star Pro7,00054%3200299280%353.53,55430 days
Galaxy Core17,27055%7700999263%1183.388,88390 days
Ace Next7,46053%3500299280%353.53,85430 days
Galaxy Trend7,39040%4400299280%353.54,75430 days
Galaxy Grand Neo20,45061%7990999263%1183.389,17390 days
Galaxy Grand 224,74056%10990999263%1183.3812,17390 days
Galaxy E727,91057%11900999263%1183.3813,08390 days
Galaxy A 324,18052%11500999263%1183.3812,68390 days
Galaxy S3 DS29,87055%13500999263%1183.3814,68390 days
Galaxy S330,99058%13000999263%1183.3814,18390 days
Galaxy S4 mini34,55063%12900999263%1183.3814,08390 days
Galaxy S442,01054%195001999264%2368.521,869180 days
Galaxy K Zoom43,88056%195001999264%2368.521,869180 days
Galaxy ALPHA,60,68056%269003999264%4736.831,637365 days
Galaxy Tab 3 7" Neo20,54054%9500999263%1183.3810,68390 days
Galaxy Tab 3 7"25,21057%10900999263%1183.3812,08390 days
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2"74,60060%299001999264%2368.532,269180 days
S6 Edge8000046%432003999264%4736.847,937365 days
Bundle price In BDT Excluding SD and VAT (In BDT)Bundle price In BDT Including SD and VAT (in BDT)Usage TimeOn-net minOff-off-net minData (MB)Validity (days)
9911724 hours250505007
29935424 hours750150204830
999118324 hours2,400600614490
1999236824 hours4750125012288180
3999473724 hours8750300024576365

- These packs will be for all new and existing Prepaid and Postpaid customers.
- Bundle will disburse within 48 hours after successful purchasing
- Pack validity will count starts from the time of successful assignment of the bundle.
- After consumption of bundled resources (Minutes, and Internet), package wise regular/promotional tariff will be applicable and 1p/10kb will be charged after the consumption of the DATA amount (PPU) within validity.
- Usage Time band of bundled resource : 24hrs of the day (within validity period)
- Bundled minute means any Local numbers in Bangladesh (incl. package wise Priyo, FnF, CUG, Community, BTCL, PSTN etc).
- 10sec pulse applicable for bundle minutes for Prepaid and package wise pulse is applicable for Postpaid bundle minutes.
- Bundle minutes will not be applicable for Short code and for IDD calls.
- At the end of expiry of the pack items, unused amount will be forfeited.
- Unused bundle items will not be carry forwarded.
- Bundled resources cannot be transferred through balance transfer
- Prepaid Balance Query : for On net Minutes dial *8222*2#, Off net Minutes dial : *8222*9#, internet: *8444*88#
- Postpaid Balance query: Type Q with bundle name and send to 8555 (ex. QB99 send to 8555), Bundle names: B99 OR B299 OR B999 OR B1999 OR B3999
- Package wise all other tariffs/benefits will remain unchanged.
- SD & VAT applicable in all Robi Bundle value/charge.
- Campaign duration is 4 days and till stock last.



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