Robi Call Block Service - Monthly Weekly 15day Subscriptions Available

Robi Call Block

Yes, only Robi knows that it’s your right to decide who can call you and who can’t. Hence, Robi introduces “Robi CALL BLOCK” service, – an easy-to-use and simple service to get rid all of your unwanted incoming calls instantly. Not only that we also offer:

To activate this great service...just dial 8181 or *8181# and follow the instructions.


Service Charges

- Monthly subscription fee Tk 25
- Weekly subscription fee Tk 7
- 15 day subscription fee Tk 14
- Add to Black/White list TK 5 per number from 11th number. (1st 10 number entries are FREE)
- Supplementary Duty (SD) + VAT on price inclusive of SD Applicable

Sl Type of Command Keywords (to send to 8181)
1 To register Reg 25 à For monthly subscription
    Reg 14 à For 15 day subscription
    Reg 7 à For weekly subscription
2 To add number to black list addbnumber 
    Example: addb 018XXXXXXXX
3 To see current black list bl
4 To delete number from black list delbnumber 
    Example: delb 018XXXXXXXX
5 To add number to white list addwnumber 
    Example: addw 018XXXXXXXX
6 To see current white list wl
7 To delete a number from white list delwnumber 
    Example: delw 018XXXXXXXX
8 Switch to white list swl
9 Switch to black list sbl
10 To unregister unreg
11 To know keywords help



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