Banglalink 3G Young Professional Offer Internet Hot Offers

Banglalink 3G Young Professional Offer Internet Hot Offers
1GB  1 night pack @ Tk39 *5000*204#
2GB  10 days @ Tk150 *132*72#
4GB  10 days @ Tk240  *132*130#

*These are non-auto renewal packs but customers can subscribe as many times as they want within the campaign duration
*All Prepaid and CnC customers are eligible for these Hot Offers
*The Night Time pack volume is usable within 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM
*To check balance & validity, dial *124*6# for Regular pack & *5000*500# for Night Time pack
*Above prices are excluding applicable VAT & SD
*These are limited time offers & will be continued till further notice

Banglalink 3G 1GB 39Tk
The pack volume is usable within 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Pack validity is 1 night


Banglalink 3G 4GB 10 Days 240Tk Dial  *132*130#

Banglalink Young Professional Offer
3G 2GB 10days 150Tk Dial *132*72#
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