airtel Win Walton Primo D7 Smartphone! On Biometric Re-Registration! Guaranteed FREE 50Tk Talk-time!

airtel RE-REGISTER YOUR SIM! and win a Walton Primo D7 smartphone!
All you have to do is Re-Register!
  1. No recharge or usage required
  2. Everyone has an equal opportunity to win a handset
  3. All Prepaid customers are guaranteed Free 50Tk Talk-Time by dialing *121*50#
  4. Both Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers are eligible for Handset offer


  1. Only Prepaid Customers are Eligible for Free 50Tk Talk-time
  2. Customers have to Dial *121*50# on the day of registration to get 50Tk Bonus Talk-time.
  3. Bonus validity will be 3 days (bonus posting + 2 days). Bonus balance can be checked by dialing *778*31#.
  4. To Register your SIM, visit your nearest Airtel Point with one passport-size photograph, a copy of your Voter ID, and your SIM. Dial *888# to locate your nearest Airtel Point
  5. Customers will receive SMS notification within 72 hours of winning the handset
  6. Customers will also be also be notified within 72 hours by Airtel Customer Care via 01678600786 and point of Handset pickup will be confirmed



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