Banglalink Whatsapp + SMS Bundle
time for non-stop texting and messaging. banglalink brings you the most unique offer in the market! two amazing whatsapp+sms bundles will keep you texting all day and all night.

30MB Whatsapp data + 150SMS(banglalink to banglalink)
Validity 2Days 10TK Dial *5000*334#
To Unsubscribe dial *5000*441#

45MB Whatsapp data + 300SMS(banglalink to banglalink)
Validity 3Days 15TK Dial *5000*335#
To Unsubscribe dial *5000*441#

check remaining sms by dialing *124*7# and remaining whatsapp volume by dialing *5000*500# . if the allocated whatsapp volume is finished, you can continue using the service at 1 paisa/10 KB.

you may use other internet pack alongside the whatsapp bundle. whatsapp can only be used through the app and for usage other than whatsapp, data will be consumed from other pack or at ‘pay-as-you-go’ rate

sd, vat and sc applicable. 


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