Robi IBuddy App - Buy Time Based -Internet Minutes. 10 to 30 Minutes Internet - 2Tk to 60TK

Robi IBuddy App - Buy Time Based -Internet Minutes. 10 to 30 Minutes Internet - 2Tk to 60TK

Robi-iBuddy-App-Buy-Time-Based-Internet-Minutes-10-to-30Minute- Internet-2Tk-to-60TK

Get internet in minutes.
Want to browse facebook for 10 minutes or view a Youtube clip of 30 minutes, we offer you–iBuddy- a simple way to browse at full liberty

How to activate iBuddy packs:
  • You can download the app from Google Play Store.
  • Register by entering mobile number: 88018XXXXXXXX in the app interface.
  • Choose your desiredduration and activate.
  • Yourtimer (balance) appears in the app.
  • After the expiration of the validity the app would notify to extend connection.

Enjoy browsing!!!!!

iBuddy pack details:
Validity Duration  Usage time Price
(Min / Hrs) (including VAT,SD,SC)
10 min Activation time to 10mins 2
30 min Activation to 30mins 5
1 hr Activation to 1 hrs 12
2 hrs  Activation to 2 hrs 24
10 hrs Activation to 10hrs 60

General Conditions:
  • Customers can purchase the packs multiple times and the usage time of packs would accumulate.
  • For special offers KEEP AN EYE ON THE APPLICATION!!!
  • On account of multiple purchase within the running validity period, the new longer validity period will appear in the app.
  • After the respective validity period, the consumers can purchase new packs by going to the application.
  • The remaining time can be checked in the application.
  • The prices are inclusive of 5% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15% VAT and 1% Surcharge .
  • This application can only be used by prepaid, Android Robi subscribers



Due to interest, attraction and love, it is more than 15 years working on gathering information about the IT sector and work on it. I launched a Facebook page in early 2011 and later a website. You can easily find a lot of information at

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