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airtel Internet Prepaid  Easy Menu dial *121*7#
To get auto internet settings please dial *121*7*6*1# (FREE) 
 to get manual internet settings please dial *121*7*6*2# (FREE

Data balance Check   Dial *778*4# এবং MMS Balance *778*9# MMS usable 24hr airtel- airtel
To check 2G balance dial *778*666#
To check 3G balance dial *778*555#

Prepaid Night Time Packs Usable Time 1AM -8AM
500MB Tk55 + VAT 15 Days Dial *121*5053#  or write NL and send to 5000
1GB Tk99 + VAT 30 Days  Dial *121*5052# or write NH and send to 5000
7GB Tk499 + VAT 30 Days Dial *121*5051# or write NH and send to 5000

Available airtel 2G Internet Packages
3MB 1Tk 2Days Validity Dial *121*333# or Type 3MB Send to 5000
1MB+3MMS 2Tk 1Day Validity Dial *121*7101# or Type MB1 Send to 5000
12MB+5MMS 5Tk 2Day Validity Dial *121*7111# or Type MB3 Send to 5000
150MB 50Tk 2Days Validity Dial *121*791# or Type p4 Send to 5000
55MB 50Tk 7Days Validity Dial *121*761# or Type WPM Send to 5000
20MB 30Tk 15Days Validity Dial *121*751# or Type FPL Send to 5000
120MB 99Tk 15Days Validity Dial *121*741# or Type FPM Send to 5000
400MB 150Tk 15Days Validity Dial *121*7121# or Type FPH Send to 5000
300MB 50Tk Weekend Validity Dial *121*121# or Type HP Send to 5000

Prepaid 1 Day Package 
1MB+3 MMS Tk.2+ VAT|Valid only requesting day | Dial *321*85#  or write MB1 and send to 5000

Prepaid  2 Days Package 
3MB+5MMS Tk.5+ VAT |Valid 2 Days | Dial *321*86# or Write MB3 and send to 5000
10MB Tk. 10 + VAT|Valid 2 Days |Dial *321*83# or Write “P9” send to 5000
150MB Tk. 50 + VAT|Valid 2 Days| Dial *321*84# or write P4 and send to 5000

Prepaid  7 Days Package 
20MB Tk. 20 + VAT| Valid 7 Days | Dial *321*77# or write WPL and send to 5000
55MB Tk. 50 + VAT| Valid 7 Days| Dial *321*76# or write WPM and send to 5000

Prepaid  15 Days Package 
20MB Tk. 30 + VAT| Valid 15 Days | Dial *321*75# or write FPL and send to 5000
120MB Tk. 99 +VAT|Valid 15 Days |Dial *321*74# or write FPM andsend to 5000
400MB Tk. 150 +VAT| Valid 15 Days |Dial *321*87# or write FPH and send to 5000

Prepaid  30 Days Package 
1GB Tk. 275 + VAT| Valid 30 Days | Dial *321*73# or write P6 and send to 5000
3GB Tk. 450 + VAT| Valid 30 Days | Dial  *321*72# or write P7 and send to 5000
5GBTk. 650 + VAT|Valid 29+requesting day| Dial *321*71# or write P5 and send to 5000

airtel Prepaid Recharge Based 3G Packages  Recharge exact amount to get data

Recharge will not add at main balance
Data Usable both at 2G and 3G

Recharge 17Tk to Get 60MB 3 Days Validity
Recharge 27Tk to Get 150MB 7Days Validity
Recharge 89Tk to Get 1GB 7Days Validity
Recharge 129Tk to Get 2GB 7Days Validity
Recharge 209Tk to Get 1GB 28 Days Validity
Recharge 298Tk to Get 2GB 28Days Validity
Recharge 398Tk to Get 3GB 28Days Validity
Recharge 498Tk to Get 4.5GB 28Days Validity
Recharge 517Tk to Get 3GB 28Days Validity + 2GB Bonus 7Days *778*4#
Recharge 863Tk to Get 6GB (Every Month 2GB) 90Days Validity
* VAT+SD+Surcharge Included

Internet Data Balance Check Prepaid dial *778*4# or Check *778*16# or *778*41

Pay as you go  0.0173tk /KB+VAT,“P1” send to 5000

*To check internet balance & validity period, Dial*778*4#
*Get Internet Settings  Dial *121*6*1# or *121*7*3*1#

Or Airtel Menu On SIM, Go to “My Stuff” menu and click on:  Multimedia Settings> Reset Settings

- if your data volume is consumed before expiry of validity service will be stopped right away, in that case you need to subscribe any data pack again or you can avail 10KB/paisa tariff till the existing packs validity, to avail the 10KB/paisa tariff you need to write PG2 in sms and to send 5000
- all of airtel data packs except data packs activated through Easy Load, Scratch Card and night time packs will be renewed automatically
- If you want to avail the auto-renewal feature for any data pack after subscription you just need to write "Offpack activation text and send to 5000 (i.e. to stop auto renewal pack 1MB, write "off MB1" and send to 5000
- renewal will not happen after expiry of that subscribed data pack
- You will receive 4 times usages notification at your usages of 50%, 80%, 97% and 100% (will not receive any usages notification for data packs activated through easy load, scratch card and night time pack

 airtel Internet Postpaid 
55 MB 50tk+VAT| Valid 7 Days | Type WPM and send to 5000 or dial *121*7*2*2#
120 MB 100tk+VAT| Valid 15 Days | Type FPM and send to 5000 or  dial *121*7*2*1#
1GB Tk. 300 + VAT| Valid 30 Days | P8 Visit airtel customer care to activate
1GB (Night 12am to 8 am) Tk. 275+ VAT | Valid 30 Days | P3 Visit airtel customer care to activate
3GB Tk. 750 + VAT| Valid 30 Days | P2 Visit airtel customer care to activate
Pay as you go  0.0173tk /KB+VAT, P1 package is pre-active internet package for you. So no need to register/activate this internet package.

Postpaid Remaining internet balance check:  You can SMS ‘GPRS’ to 5000 (free)

 Help line 
• Dial 158 [Free] To Complain
• Dial 1212 for offer details (free) - Mainly for promotions & offers
• 786 from airtel number[ Tk 0.57/Min,VAT Soho]
• +88016-78600786 from Non Airtel number

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airtel is one of the growing operator of Bangladesh which is offering some good Internet or Data Plans.Its Prepaid internet plans used most used among the netizens of airtel customers.
airtel Prepaid internet Packages are follows

Quick Access:
5GB@Tk 650/Month Dial *121*7*1*1#
3GB@Tk 450/Month Dial *121*7*1*2#
1GB@Tk 275/Month Dial *121*7*1*3#
120MB@Tk 99/15 days Dial *121*7*1*4#
20MB@Tk 30/15 days Dial *121*7*1*5#
55MB@Tk 50/7 days Dial *121*7*1*6#
20MB@Tk 20/7 days Dial *121*7*1*7#
10MB@Tk 10/1 days Dial *121*7*1*8#
150MB@Tk 50/1 days Dial *121*7*1*9#

Recharge based Balance will be deducted & data will be given
17MB with 7 days validity  @ exactly Tk. 17 recharge.
27MB with 7 days validity @ exactly Tk. 27 recharge.
25MB with 7 days validity  @  Tk. 25 Data Recharge Card
90MB with 30 days validity  @ exactly Tk. 98 recharge.
300MB with 30 days validity @ exactly  Tk. 198 recharge.
2GB with 30 days validity  @ exactly Tk. 398 recharge.

*To check internet balance & validity period, Dial*778*4#
Automatic internet wap mms  Setting Dial *121*7*3#  free of charge.

Pay as you go: 0.0115 Tk/KB
P1 package is pre-active internet package for you. So no need to register/activate this internet package.the service is pre-activated, you can use P1 as soon as SIM is activated.

SMS System Chart

Activate Pack through SMS :
Chose the pack and Send the SMS keyword to 5000 free
Example : Type P9 and send sms to 5000
Then you will receive data shortly.

  • Important Note: Then, you can do either of the following for further usage:
              Option A: You can repurchase any of the abovementioned pack again.
              Option B: You can send SMS 'PG2' to 5000 for 10KB/paisa rate +VAT.
    • Subscriber can buy multiple packs at the same day.
    • If you have purchased a volume pack, irrespective to his data balance in DA4 account, s/he can purchase as many data packs as s/he wants. Data Volume will accumulate but Validity date will stand as per latest purchased pack validity.
      • Example:
        Suppose, you have purchased FPM (120MB@99TK/15day) on day 1 of a month. Then, on day 10 of that same month, you purchase a P9 pack, (10MB@10TK/1day). His/her data balance will add up in that case, whereas his/her validity date will be 23:59 hour of 11th day of the month. The validity date will not remain till 15th day of the month anymore.
    • To check internet balance & validity period, please dial *778*4# (free).
    • Once the 'Data Volume' is consumed, meaning internet balance is between 0 to 1 MB, but validity period has not expired yet, you cannot use anymore internet.
    • If you choose, option B, then you will be able to browse on 10KB/paisa rate + VAT, till the validity period.
    • Any pack validity expiration time is at 23:59 hour (11:59pm at night)
    • If your package validity period expires, and you dial to *778*4#, following notification will be displayed, where as date-field will be emplty.
      • Remaining Internet: 0.00MB. Validity: 11:59pm
    • If your package validity period is valid, and you dial to *778*4#, following notification will be displayed.
      • Remaining Internet: 0.00MB. Validity: 11:59pm, 29-Sep-2013.
  • Pack Purchase Policy:
    No internet pack can be purchased between 0:00 hour (12:00 am at night) to 02:00 hour (2:00 am at night) in a given day. However, you can use internet in that time.
Enjoy internet!

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