airtel 66Tk Recharge 1Paisa/Sec Any Operator | Callrate validity 60 Days

airtel 1Paisa/Sec rate to Any Operator 24Hours Same Rate
66Tk Recharge Callrate validity 60 Days

airtel Any Number 1Paisa/sec 24Hour (60paisa/min )
- 24Tk Recharge Callrate Validity 15 Days
- 66Tk Recharge  Callrate Validity 60 Days
*SD, VAT & SC applicable on rate
*Pulse will be 1 second
*After the end of the validity, customer will enjoy 1.2paisa/sec (72paisa/min) rate to any number

4G Special Data Bonus : 24 MB (15 Days) for 24 tk, 66 MB (60 Days) for 60 tk 

Call 786,01678600786 for more 



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