Robi 1paisa/sec Any Local Operator at Weekends (Friday-Saturday)

Robi 1paisa/sec Any Local Operator at Weekends (Friday-Saturday) 
Bhabnahin Weekend Offer: Dial *123*060# for free and enjoy 1paisa/sec, to any local operator on Weekends (Friday-Saturday) 48 Hours.

  • All Robi Prepaid Customers are eligible to avail this special Weekend offer
  • Opt in only by free USSD dialing in any day until further notice.
  • Customers can opt-in to the offer any day of the week, but will enjoy the special rate only on weekends (Friday & Saturday). Regular rate will be applicable on other days of the week. 
  • After enjoying the special rate on Friday and Saturday if the customer wants to enjoy the special rate again on next Friday & Saturday, he/she will have to opt-in to the offer again by dialing the USSD code *123*060#
  • Customers shall receive an instant SMS notification upon dialing the USSD Code as confirmation of 1p/sec rate.
  • 1p/sec rate will be applicable from 12:00:01am Friday to 11:59:59pm Saturday.
  • Other service rates (like SMS, MMS, and Internet etc.) will remain unchanged (as per the existing service class).
  • 5% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15 % VAT on tariff inclusive of SD and 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable.



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