bkash Get 10% Cashback On Payment At Ekushe Boimela

bkash Get 10% Cashback On Payment At Ekushe Boimela

Ekushe Boimelai payment bkash korlei 10% cashback!
Payment er next day bkash wallet a cashback peye jaben.
highest 1000Tk Cashback.
offer available during Ekushe Boimela.


  • You can bKash your payments from your own bKash Account, when you buy books from the stalls of 112 publishers at Ekushey Book Fair.
  • 10% Cashback will be disbursed to your bKash Account within 2 working days from the date of making the payment
  • During Book Fair, you can get up to Tk. 1000 (up to Tk. 250 Cashback from the individual publisher’s stalls) cashback in your bKash Account.
  • Your bKash Account must be active to get Cashback
  • In case the Cashback disbursement fails due to any technical difficulties with your bKash Account, bKash will make three more attempts to disburse the amount for 90 days after the offer ends. If all attempts fail, the Cashback amount will be nullified.
  • bKash holds the right to change the existing terms and condition of the offer or even cancel the campaign under any circumstances without any prior notice.
  • This offer is valid from February 1 to February 28, 2017


You can make payments from your bKash Account to any “Merchant” who accepts “bKash Payment”. For example, if you want to pay after shopping:
01. Go to your bKash Mobile Menu by dialing *247#
02. Choose “Payment”
03. Enter the Merchant bKash Account Number you want to pay to
04. Enter the amount you want to pay
05. Enter a reference* against your payment (you can mention the purpose of the transaction in one word. e.g. Bill)
06. Enter the Counter Number* (the salesperson at the counter will tell you the number)
07. Now enter your bKash Mobile Menu PIN to confirm

Done! You will receive a confirmation message from bKash.
*If Reference or Counter No. or both are not applicable, you can skip them by entering '0'.



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