Change Mobile Operator in Any Existing SIM  (MNP-Mobile Number Portability)
Infozillion Teletech BD Limited started this service in Bangladesh.
MNP Service started from 1 October,2018

You Can now change your mobile operator without changing your present number!
Thats like, Suppose You are user of Gp Number 017XXXXXXXX
With this service you can migrate to other operators such as Banglalink,Robi,airtel,Teletalk.

To Migrate to Other Operator from Existing Operator
Go to "New Operator" Customer Care with
- NID/Smart Card or Information by which Customer registered the SIM
(New Operator means that operator you want to use)
*Migration Charge 50Tk and You can not migrate again within 90 Days.
*You have to collect a replacement sim 100Tk from New Operator

More Details in Bangla

Infozillion Teletech BD Limited
Helpline 09609004825, 028833944

Infozillion Teletech BD Limited Services

1. The service provided via Number Portability Clearing House (NPCH):
Porting & Porting query:Porting of a number from donor network to the recipient network is done through several steps. Different levels of validation and checking are performed within the porting. Porting query is an important part in the porting system.

2. The service provided via Central Number Portability Database (CNPDB):
Database History:After porting of the number is successful, the porting history is saved in the database. This Database history is broadcasted to all the operators.

Lookup service:Number Portability Lookup finds the network operator of any cellular phone number and identifies disconnected, invalid, or non-mobile numbers.It can identify the mobile operator, IMSI and MSC of mobile/cellular numbers in real-time by querying the home location register (HLR) of the operator network. This has applications in routing and security/fraud prevention.


What is MNP?
MNP is Mobile Number Portability. MNP allows you to keep your existing mobile phone number when you switch to a different mobile phone operator.

What is NPCH?
NPCH is Number Portability Clearing House that is a bridge between recipient network and donor network that ports all number types through a single, centralized system. The result is a simple, seamless and secure process for wireline and wireless service providers and an enhanced experience for their customers.

Who is a donor operator?
Donor Operator means the Service provider, to whose network the mobile number belongs at the time the subscriber makes a request for porting.

Who is a recipient operator?
Recipient Operator means the Service Provider who will be providing mobile telecommunication service to the subscriber after porting.

What are the advantages of MNP?
Through MNP, you will be free to choose a new Mobile Service provider without having to change your Mobile number. There will be no more inconvenience of notifying friends and other acquaintances that you have changed your Mobile number.

How often can I use MNP?
You can transfer (port) your mobile phone number as many times as you like. However, there usually has to be a 90 days period after a MNP process before another MNP request can be made.

Is the charge of porting high?
Once the service is introduced, the mobile phone user can port to another operator retaining his/her number unchanged at Tk 30.

What is the porting time for a consumer?
The period for the completion of porting “Tc” is three (3) working days or 72 hours. For example, if a valid Porting Request is received at 15.30 PM on Monday while Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are working days, the period for the completion ends on Thursday 15.30 PM. If the Porting Request is received at 15.30 PM on Sunday, the period for the completion ends on Thursday 15.30 PM.

Will I be required to change my SIM card after successfully porting to the new Mobile Service provider?
Due to the unique features offered by each Mobile Service provider, you will have to change the SIM card if you wish to port.

Will there be any disruption to my service during the transfer (porting) process?
There will likely be a 2-4 hours disruption to your mobile phone service during the porting process. This will take place at night.

Will my bill cycle change?
Maybe. You will set up a new bill cycle with your new provider.

What are conditions for Prepaid customers for porting their mobile number?
Due date for porting is defined by Number Portability Clearing House (NPCH) and the porting (deactivation and activation) is executed immediately. Due date defined by the Recipient and/or Donor is ignored by NPCH. Invoice number is not required. All documents are required as applicable to a new subscriber (specified by Regulator).

Will my contacts, address book etc. remain intact when I port?
The contacts are saved in the phone, yes, they will remain intact, however if they are saved in the SIM card, they will not remain intact as you will get a new SIM card from your new Mobile Service provider, therefore, it is advised to copy your contacts from SIM to the phone (if your phone has the option) before porting.

What are conditions for Postpaid customers for porting their mobile number?
Due date for porting may be defined by Recipient. A copy of the last bill/invoice is required All documents are required as applicable to a new subscriber (specified by Regulator)

Can I transfer (port) my pre-paid mobile phone number to a post-paid mobile phone contract?

Can I transfer (port) my post-paid mobile phone number to a pre-paid mobile phone contract?

I have a contract with my existing Mobile Service provider, what should I do?
You can continue with your existing Mobile service provider until your contract expires & then request to port out. However, all premature contractual obligations could be settled with your existing Mobile service provider in order to port out smoothly.

How can I contact you?
You can contact using our online contact form.

Can I port a previously ported number?
Yes‚ you can further port your Mobile Number to another New Mobile Service provider after the expiry of the 90 Days. In such case, you just have to repeat the process of MNP application.

I am a businessman and have to travel in & out of the country most of the time, what would be the impact on International Roaming facility activated on my existing SIM?
As soon as your Number Porting Request is received at the existing Mobile service provider, the IR facility will be immediately deactivated on your existing SIM.

The number is not in my name & I want to apply for porting?
You will have to either get the number registered in your name before applying for porting or you will have to apply with the same Name & CNIC No. under which your number is registered with the existing Mobile Service provider.

What is the financial settlement procedure for porting out a Mobile Number?
For Pre Paid subscribers: Un-used prepaid balance of the ported-out number will not be refunded / adjusted after no. is ported to new Mobile Service provider. For Post Paid subscribers: You must settle any outstanding amount ** before initiating porting request, as well as security deposit (in case, the security deposit was waived off by the existing Mobile service provider) with the existing Mobile service provider. **Cash, pay order, demand draft, credit card or personal cheque could be accepted by the existing Mobile service provider as payment instruments.

What if I have other/related mobile numbers with the current Mobile service provider under my Name?
Outstanding balance against all the related numbers (in case of postpaid) have to be paid before making a request of the principal number. Note: If a customer fails to inform the new Mobile service provider of this during the porting request, the porting request will be rejected.

Can I withdraw/cancel my porting application after I have submitted it? Will I get a refund?
Yes‚ you can withdraw your port request anytime, before your number has been terminated from your existing network‚ by submitting a signed request to the new Mobile Service provider along with your CNIC copy. However, porting fee would not be refundable due to application processing & SIM issuance charges.

I applied for MNP of my number, but my porting request is rejected, would my porting fee be refunded?
No, porting fee will not be refunded if your MNP request is rejected due to any outstanding balance or contract with the previous Mobile Service provider.

Will I be able to enjoy the same packages and services I have been enjoying with my existing Mobile Service provider after Porting?
Yes, you can. However, call charges and packages offered by the new Mobile service provider may differ from your current Mobile service provider. Moreover, Value Added Services may differ from your current Mobile service provider to another Mobile Service provider. You need to register yourself again with the Value Added Services, you want to subscribe, after successful porting to the new Mobile Service provider.

Can I decide the date and time at which my number is ported?
No, you cannot suggest a timeline about your porting date & time. Upon receiving the Number Porting Request, the new Mobile service provider will automatically send it for further processing. You will be informed once the porting validation process is completed & when your new SIM card is activated.

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