Robi 36Tk Recharge Offer - 10Paisa/10sec Any Number 24Hour (60Paisa/Min)

Robi 36Tk Recharge Offer - 10Paisa/10sec Any Number 24Hour (60Paisa/Min)


Robi 10Paisa/sec Any Number 24Hour (60Paisa/Min)
*36Tk Recharge Validity 15 Days
*66Tk Recharge Validity 30 Days
*10 Second pulse

Other General Conditions
- Any Robi prepaid customers (except customers of Hoot Hut Chomok) can avail this special Sharadin Flat Rate Offer by recharging an exact amount of either BDT 36 (validity will be 15 days) or BDT 66 (validity will be 30 days).
- Special promotional rate of 10 p/10 sec will be activated instantly following the recharge.
- There will be no FnF and/or Priyo numbers associated with this recharge-based offer.
- If a customer recharges BDT 66 and avails the promotional offer with a 30-day long validity and next recharges BDT 36, then his longer validity period (30 days) will prevail.
- If the customers have any bonus talk-time/bundle minutes, then those will be consumed first.
- No other discount/bonus on off-net minutes will be applicable during this offered special rate.
- Other service rates (like SMS, MMS, Data, etc.) will remain unchanged (as per the existing service class).
- 10 sec pulse will be applicable.
- This offer will be valid until further notice.
- 5% Supplementary Duty (SD) , 15 % VAT on tariff inclusive of SD and 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable.



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