airtel 0.9Paisa/sec Any Number 24Hour (54Paisa/Min) Recharge 16Tk 26Tk 39Tk 84Tk

airtel 0.9Paisa/sec Any Number 24Hour (54Paisa/Min)
- 16Tk Recharge Callrate Validity 3 Days
- 26Tk Recharge  Callrate Validity 5 Days
- 39Tk Recharge Callrate Validity 7 Days
- 84Tk Recharge  Callrate Validity 30 Days
*SD, VAT & SC applicable on rate
*Pulse will be 1 second



Due to interest, attraction and love, it is more than 15 years working on gathering information about the IT sector and work on it. I launched a Facebook page in early 2011 and later a website. You can easily find a lot of information at

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