Robi 3G Internet Packages 2019
Choose your data pack & start your journey to high speed Robi 3.5G, a world of new data experiences. Enjoy never ending streaming video, movies, music, news, sports, apps, games and more using 3.5G internet.

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Robi 4G Sim Upgrade Details


Dial *3# or *123*3*5# for data balance check.

1GB IMO Pack 30 Days 49Tk Dial *123*056#
1GB Facebook & Whatsapp pack 30 Days 49Tk Dial *123*250#
600MB any use + 200MB FB & IMO Bonus 7Days 49Tk Dial *123*049#

2GB 3Days 48Tk Dial *123*48#
1GB 3Days 41Tk Dial *123*041#
500MB 3Days 27Tk Dial *123*027#

4GB (3GB + 1GB 4G) 7Days 108Tk Dial *123*0108#
5GB (4GB+1GB 4G) 7Days 129Tk Dial *123*0129#
6GB 7Days 148Tk Dial *123*148#
10GB 7Days 199Tk Dial *123*0199#

750MB 14Days 74Tk Dial *123*0074#

250MB 30Days 46Tk Dial *123*110#
1GB 30Days 119Tk Dial *123*0119#
2GB 30Days 209Tk Dial *123*209#

4GB (3.5GB Any+ 512MB 4G) 30 Days 316Tk Dial *123*316#
7GB (5GB+2GB 4G) 30Days 399Tk Dial *123*399#
10GB (7GB+3GB 4G) 30Days 501Tk Dial *123*501#
15GB 30Days 649Tk Dial *123*649#
20GB 30Days 911Tk Dial *123*0996#
30GB 30Days 999Tk Dial *123*999#

Auto Renew Off or Pack Deactivate korte: 

Easy Way Dial *8444# Then reply with 2 ,Then reply with 1,Then reply with 2 or 1
2=Cancel Plan Subscription and 1=Temporary Stop Plan

In Detai
Step1# Dial *8444# 
Step 2# select the ‘Review current plan’ 
Step 3# Select the serial Number of your activated auto renewal plan (4MB/2GB/3GB etc je plan active tar serial number)
Step 4# Reply 1, Temporary stop plan, To temporarily cancel auto renewal option and re purchase again, in this option your plan remains active.
Step 5# Reply 2, Cancel Plan subscription, to cancel your Plan permanently

Get handset Settings

Internet settings through Easy menu Dial *140*7*1#
1. For WAP, MMS, & Internet settings type "ALL" and send to 1227
2. For Internet Settings type "Internet" and send to 1227
3. For WAP Settings type "WAP" and send to 1227
4. For MMS Settings type "MMS" and send to 1227

Other 24/7 Customer Support & Assistance Points:
Call 158 [Free] To Complain
Call 123 From Robi
Call to 01819 400400 (from any number)
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