Grameenphone has many Value added services.Here are some service deactivation system.


Dial *121*6*1# (free) to stop all VAS Services except Welcome Tune, Call Block Service, Music Radio & GP Music.

Dial *121*1101# (free) to start DO NOT DISTURB service for stopping all kinds of promotional SMS and CALL only from GP.

Grameenphone Welcome tune : Type Stop and send to 24000
Grameenphone Call Block : Type "Stop CB" and send to 25678 or Dial *121*6*4*4#
Grameenphone Music Radio Type "STOP" and send SMS to 24040.

GP Music Trial Plan (30 Days)
Type "STOP T" & send to 27728

GP Music Daily Plan (1 Day) at BDT 2.39
Type "STOP D" & send to 27728

GP Music Weekly Plan (7 Days) at BDT 14.61
Type "STOP W" & send to 27728

GP Music Bi-weekly Plan (15 Days) at BDT 24.35
Type "STOP F" & send to 27728

GP Music Monthly Plan (30 Days) at BDT 42.61
Type "STOP M" & send to 27728

All Other Service Numbers
Type "STOP ALL" & send to following codes from which SMS comes
Code Example: 16265,22000,16261,24636,27464,16235,29934,29933,22255,16251,23333,23355,16215,22666,25959,16232,26060,26161,22345,22002,28777,16316,16258,16292,22700,23003

Grameenphone Internet off *500*40#
Grameenphone Facebook Type "Stop" and send to 32665
Grameenphone Facebook USSD dial *325*22#
Grameenphone Mobile Twitting Type "Stop" and send to 9594
Grameenphone Missed Call Alert write "STOP MCA" and send to 6222
Grameenphone Cricket Alert Service "Stop Cric" to 2002.
Grameenphone Sports service Type "STOP SN" and SMS to 2002.
Grameenphone Cricket service, type "STOP CR" and SMS to 2002.
Grameenphone Mobile Backup Write "Stop MB" and send to 6000
Grameenphone Buddy Tracker Type "Stop" and send to 3020
Grameenphone Music News Type "Stop BD " and send to 4001
Grameenphone Voice Chat dial 2828 and press 8.
Grameenphone Entertainment Box Type "Stop" and send to 1234
Grameenphone Ebill type "Ebill cancel" and send to 2000.
Grameenphone Job News type "STOP<space>JOB CATEGORY" to 3003.
Grameenphone Namaz timings: SMS "STOP N" to 2200.
Grameenphone Hadith sharif SMS "STOP H" to 2200.
Grameenphone Voice Mail Service Dial ##62# or ##67# or ##61# or  ##21#

Mega VAS Deactivation System 

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