Mobile IMEI Registration Bangladesh - Check Valid or Invalid

Mobile IMEI Registration Bangladesh -
Check Valid or Invalid Phone / Smartphone
National Equipment Identity Register (NEIR) started their work from 1 July 2021. 
From now on, all handsets will be registered with sim (as nid) automatically. Handsets will be registered to owner of SIM which inserted to handset. Once registered. your handset will not allow other peoples/sim to operate your handset. and also BTRC will not allow illegally imported handsets.


From Now on,  Dont buy Un-Official Handsets . Before buying any new or old handests ,check it in NEIR Database by website or SMS.

1. Old Handset
2. New Handset
3. Before Buying New Handset 

You Should Check whether its Valid or Invalid
You Can Check it through website or SMS

by website visit

by SMS

Type "KYD < space> 15 DIGIT IMEI"  & send to 16002
"KYD 123456789123456" & send to 16002

To Know Handset IMEI Dial *#06# or Check Handset Packet 





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