Robi 2G Internet Packages | Sohoj Internet 2G 3.5G Same Plan Same Rate!

Robi has some plans,here are they follows...

Activate Robi 3.5G  Dial *666*1#
Deactivate Robi 3.5G Dial *666*2#

How to Get Robi 3.5G Service
Step 1: Dial *666*1#
Step 2: Purchase any of the 3.5G data packs mentioned below:

Robi 3G Internet Packages ( Updated)
Price (Including VAT,SD & SC)
25MB 1Day Recharge 6Tk
7MB 1Day 2.44Tk Dial *8444*4#
45MB 1Day 12.18Tk Dial *8444*21#
150MB 7Days 29.22 Dial *8444*2007#
2GB 7Days 120.53Tk Dial *123*0099#
100MB 10Days 23.13 Dial *8444*10019#  
175MB 10Days 40.18Tk Dial *8444*0175#
120MB 28Days 46.87Tk Dial *8444*100# or  Recharge 46Tk
300MB 28Days 91.31Tk Dial *8444*250#
600MB 28Days 170.45Tk Dial *8444*0600#
1GB 28Days 213.06Tk Dial *8444*500# or Recharge 209Tk
2GB 28Days 322.15Tk Dial *8444*85# or Recharge 316Tk

Robi Unlimited Validity Pack ( Updated)
Price (Including VAT,SD & SC)
350MB Unlimited Validity 120.53TK Dial *123*99# or Recharge 124Tk
1GB Unlimited Validity 242.38Tk Dial *123*199# or Recharge 244Tk
2GB Unlimited Validity 364.03Tk Dial *123*299# or Recharge 364Tk

Robi Night Internet Packs ( Updated)
Price (Including VAT,SD & SC)
1GB Night (Usable 12AM-10AM) 3Days 36.3Tk Dial *123*025#
1GB Night (Usable 12AM-10AM) 3Days 23.13Tk Dial *8444*31990#
2GB Night (Usable 12AM-10AM) 3Days 35.31Tk Dial *123*0239#

Robi Combo Bundles(Prepaid only)  ( Updated)
Price (Including VAT,SD & SC)
45MB 10Min 100SMS 1Day 13.39Tk Dial*140*25*1# or Recharge 13Tk
350MB 70Min 700SMS 7Days 90.1Tk Dial *123*3*4*2# or Recharge 88Tk
750MB 149Min 149SMS 10Days 149Tk Dial *123*149#
1GB 280Min 2800SMS 28Days 284.9Tk Dial *123*3*4*3# or Recharge 278Tk

Robi Social and Video Packs ( Updated)
 Price (Including VAT,SD & SC)
100MB Viber Free day Only Available on Friday.12AM–4PM Dial *8444*000100#
25MB Viber imo Whatsapp 1Day 1.22Tk Dial *8444*0101#
20MB Facebook +Viber 1Day 2.44Tk Dial *8444*202#
20MB FB Imo 1Day 2.44Tk Dial *8444*203#
20MB FB Whatsapp 1Day 2.44Tk Dial *8444*0102#
40MB Facebook+Messenger 1Day 4.87Tk Dial *8444*04#
40MB Whatsapp 1Day 4.87Tk Dial *8444*06#
40MB Video Pack 1Day 4.87Tk Dial  *8444*140#
80MB FB,FB Messenger,Whatsapp 7Days 6.09Tk Dial *8444*080#
250MB FB,FB Messenger,Whatsapp 28Days 12.18Tk Dial *8444*0250#
100MB Video Pack 1Day 12.18Tk Dial *8444*110#

2GB Video Pack [1024 (24hrs access)+ 1024(1am to 4pm access)] 30Days 182.63Tk Dial *8444*2150#


Robi Prepaid Recharge Based Internet Packages 
Data Usable at 2G and 3G
100MB 28Days Recharge Exactly 46Tk
750MB 28Days Recharge Exactly 201Tk
1.5GB 28Days Recharge Exactly 316Tk
2.5GB 28Days Recharge Exactly 399Tk
* VAT included.
Data Check *8444*88#

Robi Unlimited Validity Internet Packages! 
350MB 99Tk Dial *123*99# with Unlimited Validity
1024MB 199Tk Dial *123*199# with Unlimited Validity
2048MB 299Tk Dial *123*299# with Unlimited Validity
Data volume can be used in 2G/3G network environment.
Subscribers will get internet level usage warning in 50%, 80% and 100% level.
For internet balance check dial *123*3# or *8444*88#

Robi 3G Internet  Packages All Packages for Prepaid, Postpaid with Auto renew
Enjoy the pack volume in both 3G & 2G with Maximum Speed
To Get 3G Speed Dial *666*1#
To Cancel 
3G Speed Dial *666*2# 

7 MB 1Day 2Tk+VAT Dial *8444*4#
45MB 1Day 10Tk+VAT Dial *8444*21#

200MB 7Days 24Tk+VAT Dial *8444*2007#
100MB 10Days 19Tk+VAT Dial *8444*10019#

100MB 28Days 40Tk+VAT Dial *8444*100#
250MB 28Days 75Tk+VAT Dial *8444*250#
750MB 28Days 175Tk+VAT Dial *8444*500#
1.5GB 28Days 275Tk+VAT Dial *8444*85#
2.5GB 28Days 347Tk+VAT  Dial *8444*92#

Auto renew off korte :
Dial *8444# Then reply with 2 ,Then reply with 1,Then reply with 2 or 1
2=Cancel Plan Subscription and 1=Temporary Stop Plan

Check internet remaining balance,dial *8444*88#
To know Data Packs *8444#

- USSD packs are available for both prepaid and postpaid users.
- to check your internet balance please dial *8444*88#
- USSD packs price are excluding Supplementary Duty (SD) + VAT on price inclusive of SD and easy load packs are including VAT
- enjoy the pack volume in both 3G & 2G in maximum speed
- you can purchase same pack multiple time to top-up internet volume
- all packs can be used in 24 hours
- packs are in auto renewal, but you can deactivate your pack any time by dialing *8444#- Easy load packs are not in auto renewal.

Auto Renew Off or Pack Deactivate korte: 

Easy Way Dial *8444# Then reply with 2 ,Then reply with 1,Then reply with 2 or 1
2=Cancel Plan Subscription and 1=Temporary Stop Plan

In Detai
Step1# Dial *8444# 
Step 2# select the ‘Review current plan’ 
Step 3# Select the serial Number of your activated auto renewal plan (4MB/2GB/3GB etc je plan active tar serial number)
Step 4# Reply 1, Temporary stop plan, To temporarily cancel auto renewal option and re purchase again, in this option your plan remains active.
Step 5# Reply 2, Cancel Plan subscription, to cancel your Plan permanently

Robi myNet Internet Packages
Visit from your mobile or pc to Activate

myNet Package Available Where you can choose any Package
4MB  10MB  25MB  50MB  75MB   100MB  250MB  500MB   750MB1024MB    1500MB    2048MB   3072MB   5120MB

myNet Available Package Validity Where you can choose any Validity
1Day 3Days 7Days 10Days 30Days

Robi myNet Package Prices

4MB Lowest 2Tk Highest 3Tk  As validity
10MB Lowest 5Tk Highest 7.5Tk As validity
25MB Lowest 10TK Highest 18.8Tk As validity
50MB Lowest 25Tk Highest 37.5Tk As validity
75MB Lowest 30Tk Highest 56.3Tk As validity
100MB Lowest 35Tk Highest 75tk As validity
250MB Lowest 100Tk Highest 165Tk As validity
500MB Lowest 165Tk Highest 175Tk As validity
750MB Lowest 240Tk Highest 270Tk As validity
1024MB Lowest 256Tk Highest 275Tk As validity
1500MB Lowest 345Tk Highest 390Tk As validity
2048MB Lowest 430Tk Highest 525Tk As validity
3072MB Lowest 600Tk Highest 749Tk As validity
5120MB Lowest 949Tk Highest 1020Tk As validity

Pay per use Dial *8999*99#
Peak 9:01 AM to 12:59 AM 2 Paisa/KB
Off-Peak 1:00 AM to 9:00 AM 1 Paisa/KB

Pay per use Px :*8444*66#
Migration code is *8444*66# which is free of cost. All the new customers (by default) & customers from old PPU (migrated) plan will enjoy a 24hrs flat rate at BDT0.015/KB.

Special offers for specific plan
TARUNNO 26  25 MB for Tk 10. To purchase dial *8444*21 #. Balance Check *8444*88#. Validity 1 day.

GOTI 36 Bonus 5MB data for every recharge of BDT 20 or more Data balance check *222*81# (free) & Validity 1 day

Get handset Settings
Internet settings through Easy menu Dial *140*7*1#
1. For WAP, MMS, & Internet settings type "ALL" and send to 1227
2. For Internet Settings type "Internet" and send to 1227
3. For WAP Settings type "WAP" and send to 1227
4. For MMS Settings type "MMS" and send to 1227

Other 24/7 Customer Support & Assistance Points:
Call 158 [Free] To Complain
Call 123 From Robi
Call to 01819 400400 (from any number)