Grameenphone Inactive-Bondho SIM Important Notice | Will be Permanently OFF!

Grameenphone notified that, which Prepaid SIMs are inactive from 30 September 2014 or before,will be PERMANENTLY Deactivated after 20 April,2016

What Will Happen?

* After deactivation of Prepaid SIM , SIM Owner will be Grameenphone
* Subscribers/ Users could not use that SIM  after 20 April,2016
* Grameenphone can sell those SIM in future


Activate your SIM with Recharge / Card recharge if not possible go to nearest customer care to regain the sim within 20 April,2016

Grameenphone Bondho SIM offer


De-activation of Connections unused for more than two years

This is to inform that Grameenphone prepaid connections, which are unused since 8 October 2013 or before, will be permanently deactivated after 3 (three) months of publishing this notice. Please note that-
  • According to the Subscription Agreement executed with the subscriber, Grameenphone will retain the ownership of the connections de-activated permanently
  • The previous Subscriber will no longer be able to use/replace/recharge or claim ownership of such permanently de-activated connection
  • Grameenphone reserves the rights to reuse/re-sell/recycle of the permanently de-activated connections
The list of such prepaid connections, which will be permanently de-activated as mentioned above, is available in website, Grameenphone Customer Care Centers and in the website of the BTRC (
We express our sincere gratitude to every subscriber who already experienced our Service and you are always welcome to our most experienced service and the most reliable network in the country.


Recycled Number List

If any Grameenphone Mobile number is unused for more than 2 years then Grameenphone reserves the right to re-use/recycle/re-sell of any such mobile number.
Grameenphone recently started re-cycling of Mobile Numbers those do not have any Usage/Recharge/Events/Incoming & Outgoing calls/SMS after 31st December 2012.
Please check the below list to find out the numbers those are recycled till May 10, 2015:



Grameenphone notified that, which Prepaid SIMs are inactive from 31 December,2012 will be PERMANENTLY Deactivated after 14 April,2015