airtel 3G Internet Plans,Coverage,Video Call

airtel existing SIM card is ready to use 3G, so any airtel subscriber can use 3G anytime if he/she is under 3G coverage and activated 3G services   Check airtel Internet Offer

Activate airtel 3G  Dial *121*555# or Type  START3G in SMS  and send to 5000
Dactivate airtel 3G   Type STOP3G in SMS and send to 5000 

airtel 3G  USSD Menu  Dial *121*7#  or  *121*999#  and IVR 1212 (free)
 To get auto internet settings please dial *121*7*6*1# (FREE) 
 to get manual internet settings please dial *121*7*6*2# (FREE


  Speed 1Mbps (now no speed limit)
available for both prepaid and postpaid

Data Check Prepaid *778*39# Postpaid *121*70#

45MB 10Tk 1 Days Validity Dial *121*782#
30MB 10Tk 2 Days Validity Dial *121*781#
100MB 15Tk 2 Days Validity Dial *121*640#
60MB 15Tk 3 Days Validity Dial *121*5001#
200MB 25Tk 3 Days Validity Dial *121*250#
300MB (150MB 24Hr+150MB 12-10AM) 35Tk 5Days Validity Dial *121*350#
30MB  30Tk 7 Days Validity Dial *121*5002#
100MB 20Tk 7 Days Validity Dial *121*771#
150MB 22Tk 7 Days Validity Dial *123*027#
250MB 50Tk 7 Days Validity Dial *121*5003#
1GB 73Tk 7Days Validity Dial *123*089#
2GB 106Tk 7Days Validity Dial *123*129#
1GB 127Tk 15Days Validity Dial *121*151#
1GB 172Tk 28Days Validity Dial *123*209#
2GB 245Tk 28Days Validity Dial *123*298#
3GB 327Tk 28Days Validity Dial *123*398#
4.5GB 409Tk 28Days Validity Dial *123*498#
5GB 650Tk 30Days Validity Dial *121*711#
8GB 950Tk 30Days Validity Dial *121*5040#
*VAT+SD+Surcharge Applicable.

Some old High Priced Packs
515MB 100Tk 7Days Validity Dial *121*5011#
1GB 82Tk 5Days Validity Dial *121*981#
1.5GB 275Tk 30Days Validity Dial *121*731#
2GB 350Tk 30Days Validity Dial *121*5020#
3GB 450Tk 30Days Validity Dial *121*5025#
*VAT+SD+Surcharge Applicable.

Internet Data Balance Check
Prepaid dial *778*555#
Postpaid dial *121*70#

To check 2G balance dial *778*666# 
To check 3G balance dial *778*555#


airtel Prepaid Recharge Based 3G Packages  Recharge exact amount to get data

Recharge exact amount to get data,Recharge will not add at main balance
Data Usable both at 2G and 3G

Recharge 17Tk to Get 60MB 3 Days Validity
Recharge 27Tk to Get 150MB 7Days Validity
Recharge 89Tk to Get 1GB 7Days Validity
Recharge 129Tk to Get 2GB 7Days Validity
Recharge 209Tk to Get 1GB 28 Days Validity
Recharge 298Tk to Get 2GB 28Days Validity
Recharge 398Tk to Get 3GB 28Days Validity
Recharge 498Tk to Get 4.5GB 28Days Validity
Recharge 517Tk to Get 3GB 28Days Validity + 2GB Bonus 7Days *778*4#
Recharge 863Tk to Get 6GB (Every Month 2GB) 90Days Validity
* VAT+SD+Surcharge Included

Internet Data Balance Check    Prepaid dial *778*4# or Check *778*16# or *778*41

airtel Prepaid Night Time Packs Usable Time 12AM -10AM
500MB Tk55 + VAT 15 Days Dial *121*5053#  or write NL and send to 5000
1GB Tk99 + VAT 30 Days  Dial *121*5052# or write NH and send to 5000
7GB Tk499 + VAT 30 Days Dial *121*5051# or write NH and send to 5000
* SD, VAT & SC Applicable
Prepaid Only
Type: Night-time (12am-10am)
Balance check: *778*24#

Available airtel 2G Internet Packages
3MB 1Tk 2Days Validity Dial *121*333# or Type 3MB Send to 5000
1MB+3MMS 2Tk 1Day Validity Dial *121*7101# or Type MB1 Send to 5000
12MB+5MMS 5Tk 2Day Validity Dial *121*7111# or Type MB3 Send to 5000
150MB 50Tk 2Days Validity Dial *121*791# or Type p4 Send to 5000
55MB 50Tk 7Days Validity Dial *121*761# or Type WPM Send to 5000
20MB 30Tk 15Days Validity Dial *121*751# or Type FPL Send to 5000
120MB 99Tk 15Days Validity Dial *121*741# or Type FPM Send to 5000
400MB 150Tk 15Days Validity Dial *121*7121# or Type FPH Send to 5000
300MB 50Tk Weekend Validity Dial *121*121# or Type HP Send to 5000

Airtel Smartphone Plan
Recharge 863Tk to Get *6GB 90Days Validity
*6GB amount will be dispersed over 90 days.
Subscriber will be able to use 2GB every 30 days
Balance *778*41# 

Internet Packages Has Auto Renewal  Stop auto-renewal Type 3GOFF and send to 5000

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