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airtel 3G Video Video Call

Tariff: BDT 0.1917/10 Second Pulse (tk1 /minute)
Pulse: 10 Second Pulse will apply

Tk 1 Mobile Video
Airtel Tk. 1 Mobile Videos offers video in 9 different categories. This includes movies, lifestyle, sports, music, comedy and many more.
To access Airtel’s all new “Tk 1 Mobile videos” downloads library

Option 1: USSD Dial *321*52010#, you will receive a WAP link of Tk 1 Mobile Video Store in your SMS inbox. Upon clicking on this link, you will be taken to the Video portal to follow the simple download process.

Option 2: you can send “START V” to shortcode 21252 to activate the service

Option 3: Simply type in your phone’s browser and follow the process to download.

Tariff: BDT 1.15/day (4 FREE video every day). After FREE quota 1.15/video will apply

How to Un-subscriber: Subscriber will have to dial *321*52010# or send keyword STOP V to 21252.


airtunes music apps is the online music streaming service where users can access on most popular songs under Bangla, Hindi and English genres.

Service details:
* Subscribers will send Start <> airtunes to 16258 (sms charge free) and in return user will get a link to download the application (
* After successful download & installation of the application users need to press registration tab on the application to get registered with TK 2+VAT/day and will get 30min browsing volume
* To stop this service type Stop <> airtunes and send to 16258
* Application is free to download (data charge applicable)
* Music streaming data charge not applicable.
* Currently service is applicable for android OS handset users only
* After every 15 days, service will be auto discontinued and users need to subscribe again to avail the service

Gamepind offers unlimited handpicked Games for feature and Android Phones under different genres to choose from such as adventure, action, puzzle, racing, sports, fun and many more…

key features –
the user can browse through various games category like Action, Adventure, Sports, Racing and download games of their choice
*Gamepind is available for JAVA & Androids platforms
* portal containing unlimited games for downloading
*the service has hundreds of exciting games to begin with

how to subscribe –
*subscriber will send Start Gamepind to 20202 and get confirmation SMS
* subscriber will get unlimited games download option once subscribed @ bdt 2+VAT/day (additional internet charge applicable for downloading)
*subscribers can download up-to 5 games per day
* the service is on auto renewal basis



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