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Best plan form Teletalk Prepaid is Youth 3G. Why?
1. 3G sim 2G networke voice or internet use kora jai
2. Youth 2G or 3G same call rate
3. 3G sim a benefits beshi
4. 2G sim dia 2G networke voice or internet service bhalo noi,
5. Call rate dekhun etai teletalker normal prepaid er modde lowest ("agami" chara, etake hisebe dhora hoini karon eta just ssc hsc GPA5 holder ra pan)

Teletalk Youth 3G with 5 Sec Pulse
SIM Price 129Tk only.dokane na pele customer care theke kinun.
Migrate To
Youth 3G  Type Y3G and send to 555 .Charge only 20Tk

Voice Call Rate
PEAK (8am - 12am)
Teletalk to teletalk 54 Paisa
Teletalk to other 90 Paisa

OFF-PEAK (12am - 8am)
Teletalk to teletalk 30Paisa
Teletalk to other 90 Paisa

Video Call Rate  Teletalk to teletalk
PEAK (8am - 12am) TK. 1.5
OFF-PEAK (12am - 8am) TK. 1.02

SMS  Teletalk to teletalk 30 Paisa & Teletalk to other 40 Paisa
MMS Teletalk to teletalk TK. 1.00

FNF Details
No of FNF 3 (any operator)
Teletalk call 25paisa,Other call 60paisa
Teletalk FNF video call 25 Paisa
SMS FNF 18 Paisa
To set any FnF numbers, first type reg and send to 363. After successful registration, type ADD <> Desired FNF Number and send to 363.

You Can check 
Teletalk How to Set/Add/Delete/Change/Check FNF

Pulse 5 Sec in ALL RATES

Data Rate 1 Paisa/15KB
Fun Pack TK. 8, 20MB@512kbps Speed for 1DAY

Mobile TV 15 Paisa/Minute
To subscribe to mobile TV in your mobile, visit

Special Internet Package
To subscribe Daily 20MB Fun Pack at 512Kbps speed, type D18 and send to 111. SMS charge is FREE. To know the remaining data volume, type U and send to 111 or dial *152#

Teletalk Internet Plans 2G & 3G     here

How do I connect to Teletalk 3G networks ?
If you are first time user please follow the steps as given below to connect to Teletalk 3G network :-
Step-1: Get a USIM with connection/ Upgrade your existing SIM to 3G package.
Step-2: Select network mode to "Dual/WCDMA/3G/UMTS". For data usage dual option might be avoided.
Step-3: Configure your packet data settings with APN "wap" or type "set" and send to 738 to get a message which you need to save with password "1234" in your mobile.
Step-4: After registration, seeing 3G/3.5G/H network symbol on your device and enabling your device data transfer, instantly you may start enjoying 3G services.

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