Airtel Customers can transfer balance from Airtel to Airtel numbers at anytime, anywhere. Situation arises when a valuable Airtel customer may not be able to go to recharge point to get balance. This service allows Airtel customers to transfer balance to other Airtel users following some instruction.

For transaction, customers can type BTR XXXX (PIN - OPTIONAL) 016XXXXXXXX (receiver mobile number) 100 (amount) and send SMS to 1000

Without PIN Type "BTR 016XXXXXXXX 100" send to 1000
or With PIN "BTR 1234 016XXXXXXXX 100" send to 1000

If customers forget pin, then customer needs to request for PIN by typing PIN & send SMS to 1000

Request PIN: Type PIN and send to 1000
Enable PIN: Type PIN and send to 1000
Disable PIN: Type PIN OFF and send to 1000
Change PIN: Type PIN <> old pin <> new pin and send to 1000

Terms & Conditions:
Balance transfer between Airtel Prepaid to Airtel Prepaid is possible.
In order to use balance transfer service, your connection must be active for at least 30 days.
Minimum Tk.5 and maximum Tk.100 can be transferred in a single transaction
Maximum 500 in one day and maximum Tk.1000 in one month.
Tk.2.55 (including VAT, SD & SC) will be charge from the sender’s balance.
Tk.2.55 (including VAT, SD & SC) will be charge from receiver’s end.
Sender need to have at least 2.5TK available in his/her account after transfer.
For details, SMS HELP to 1000
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