Robi Samsung Z1 6900Tk (First Tizen Powered Smartphone)

Robi offering a value bundle to Existing & New Robi subscribers with Samsung Z1 (First Tizen Powered Smartphone). 


Robi will offer the following bundle to the Robi subscribers:

ProductDetailsUsage Time bandValidityUSSD Balance query
on min30024 hours30 days*222*2#
off min10024 hours30 days*222*9#
Data (GB)1 GB24 hours30 days*8444*88#
Subsequently Robi Samsung Z1 Bundle subscriber can also purchase the below bundle @ BDT 99 (without VAT) by dialling *8666*099# USSD code for 12 months (from the date of 1st above bundle disbursement).

ProductDetailsUsage Time BandValidityUSSD Balance query
on min25024 hours7 days*222*2#
off min5024 hours7 days*222*9#
Data (GB)500 MB24 hours7 days*8444*88#

- All Existing & New Pre-paid Mass , Post-Paid & SME subscribers are eligible for this offer.
- To enjoy the bundle subscriber has to tag with both the mentioned Samsung Smartphone & the registered mobile no.
- Bundle minutes will be applicable only for local calls.
- For Pre-Paid Subscriber, calls to on net FnF (robi to robi) and Priyo no will be charged as per existing tariff plan.
- Calling to any CUG No from SME connection will be charged as per existing tariff plan.
- Bundle minutes can be used in CUG, FNF and Priyo for post-paid.
- 10sec pulse applicable for bundle minutes.
- For Post-paid, Package wise pulse is applicable.
- After consumption of Free bundle minutes, package wise regular tariff will be applicable and 1p/10kb will be charged after the consumption of the purchased/bundle DATA amount (PPU) within validity.
- At the end of expiry of bundle items, unused amount will be forfeited and unused bundle Minutes & DATA will not be carry forwarded.
- Bundle minutes can’t be used in short code.
- Bundle minutes can’t be used for IDD calls.
- Bundle minute cannot be transferred through balance transfer.
- To check (prepaid/SME) bundle balance of Robi- Robi minutes dial *222*2#, other operator minutes: *222*9#, internet: *8444*88#

Terms & Conditions

- After purchasing Samsung Z1 smartphone, the subscriber has to make a successful voice call from his/her Robi number tagging with Samsung Z1 to any valid MSISDN No to register for the bundle eligibility verification.
- Bonus will be disbursed within 72 hrs from tagging.
- To enjoy the bundle subscriber has to tag with both the mentioned Samsung Smartphone & the registered mobile no.
- We will consider first tagging IMEI for the bundle during Registration.
- We will consider the MSISDN upon first tagging during Registration.
- Multiple MSISDN & IMEI tagging will not be considered.
- Robi Subscriber who are enjoying earlier Samsung Ace NXT bundle/ Victory Month Bundle/Year End Campaign Bundle benefits are not eligible for the bonuses.
- To enjoy the BDT 99 bundle subscriber has to dial 8070 for registration. Robi Subscriber can enjoy the bundle for 1 year. (BDT 2/per min applicable for making call to 8070).
- For this the tariff will be 15 paisa/10 sec.

Handset Features

- Display     : 4” WVGA PLS
- Processor : Dual Core , 1.2GHz
- OS            : Tizen
- Camera     : Main: 3MP. Front : VGA
- ROM          : 4GB
- RAM          : 768 MB
- Battery      : 1,500 mAh


- Handset : 1 Year
- Battery   : 6 Months
- Charger : 6 Months

Handset Availability

- Samsung Smart Cafe
- Samsung SIS
- Samsung Retails
- Robi WIC
For more details: FAQ



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