Robi Night Internet Pack 1GB (12AM-8AM) 3 Days 50TK

Now you can enjoy 1GB Internet during night and download Apps/Music/Videos. As night time you will experience higher internet speed it’s perfect for your downloads.

Robi Night Internet Data Pack
Price (Including VAT,SD & SC)
1GB Night (Usable 12AM-10AM) 3Days 36.3Tk Dial *123*025#
1GB Night (Usable 12AM-10AM) 3Days 23.13Tk Dial *8444*31990#
2GB Night (Usable 12AM-10AM) 3Days 35.31Tk Dial *123*0239#
Robi-Night-Internet-Pack-1GB-12AM-8AM)-3 Days-50TK

Bundle Volume 1 GB (12 - 8 AM only)
Cost in BDT (excl. VAT) 50 
USSD *8444*31990#
Validity 3 Days
Note: Above tariff excluding 15% VAT

 Is there any tie band to use the pack volume?
ANS: Yes, you can only use the volume dutng 12am to 8am.

 Who are eligible for the pack?
ANS: All Robi prepaid subscribers can purchase the pack.

 Can I activate Pack multiple times?
ANS: No, you cann’t purchase multiple times & volume will not accumulate.

 How can I check my remaining volume of data or cancel auto renewal?
ANS: Just dial *8444*88#; it will show the data volume & validity. To deactivate dial *8444# and go review plan to cancel subscription.

 Packs are auto renewal or not?
ANS: Yes, Packs are in auto renewable. But you can stop the renewal anytime by dialing *8444#

 Will I get notification on data consumption?
ANS: Yes you will get notification on volume expire.



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