Robi World Cup Quiz Contest

Robi World Cup Beach Cricket Quiz Campaign is a SMS based interactive contest where Robi users have to face 120+ Quiz questions daily with multiple answers. Right answer of each question will carry 1 Run. For wrong answer, there will be no penalty/negative mark. The highest run achievers will reward with attractive prizes and will get the chance to play a beach cricket match with Bangladesh National cricketer in Cox-s-bazar.

Campaign Details
- Both existing and new users of the service will be able to participate in the campaign. Existing subscribers will be able to participate in the contest by sending SMS “Q” or “L” to 22020.
- After registration, subscribers will receive confirmation SMS including information about opt-out process and first question will received along with multiple answers. Subscriber will also get daily cricket update on SMS.
- Questions will have multiple choice answers. Two answer options A and B. To answer the given question, Subscriber can send either A or B. If the answer is received, the system shall send the next question. If a subscriber doesn’t answer a question, he/she will not receive the next question.
- User can retrieve the last question anytime by sending ‘L’ to 22020.
- Daily winner will be selected every day based on their Highest RUN on that particular day and Grand winner will be selected based on their total Highest RUN during the campaign period.
- If there are multiple highest scorer, winner will be selected based on whoever is reached to the Top score in shortest time; means Fastest Top scorer will Win.
- They will be able to opt-out/ de-register from the service anytime by sending SMS “STOP CRIC” to 22020.
- By sending the ‘SCORE’ to 22020, subscriber will get the current score.

- Wrong Attempt: 0 RUN

Tariff (in BDT)
- Quiz Question, Retrieve question & score: 2.00+VAT/MT
- FREE messages:

- Grand Winners: After ending the campaign period, Top TEN lucky Winners will be selected based on campaign highest RUN and will be able to get the chance to participate in “Beach Cricket” Tournament in Cox bazar with Celebrity Bangladesh National Cricketers.
** Winners will be notified over phone call by respective CP.
- To participate in the Quiz Contest, Robi subscribers need to subscribe first to the SMS based Cricket Alert service by sending START<>CRIC to 22020 or by dialing *22020*2*1#.
- Correct answer for each question: 1 RUN
- Regular Cricket update: 2.00+VAT/DAY (Daily 2 to 4 cricket alerts)
          > Answer/Notification/Confirmation message
          > Opt-in and opt-out messages
Reward for the participants 
- Daily Winners: Everyday TEN lucky winners will be selected based on highest RUN and will be rewarded with BDT 100 Easy Load.

 For more details: FAQ



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