Internet Offers Data Bonus Offers Grameenphone Banglalink Robi airtel Teletalk

Internet Data Bonus Offers Grameenphone Banglalink Robi airtel Teletalk

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Grameenphone Internet Data Bonus Offers

-Grameenphone 250MB 3Days 31Tk Dial *121*3083# Check *121*1*4#
-Grameenphone 1.5GB 7Days 104Tk Dial *121*3344#
-Grameenphone 1GB 7Days 94Tk Recharge or Dial *121*3056# Check *121*1*4#
-Grameenphone 2GB 7Days 129Tk Dial *121*3058# Check *121*1*4#
-Grameenphone 4GB 7Days 179Tk  Dial *121*3084# Check *121*1*4#
-Grameenphone 6GB 7Days 219Tk Dial *121*3133# Check *121*1*4#
-Grameenphone 2GB Night Pack at 61Tk Validity 7Days Usable 12AM till 10AM Dial *121*3069#
-Grameenphone 500MB 28Tk 149Tk Dial *121*3007# Check *121*1*4#
-Grameenphone 1.5GB 28Days 229Tk Dial *121*3027# Check *121*1*4#
For More Details Grameenphone Internet offer

Banglalink Internet Data Bonus Offers
-Banglalink Minutes or Data Offer *888#

Banglalink 1GB 14Tk Valentine’s Day Offer
Validity 2 Days Dial *5000*1414#
512MB For Self
+ 512MB For Any Banglalink Number as Gift
Type "VFFriend’s BL number and" send to 2500
Example "VF 019XXXXXXXX" send to 2500

Banglalink 1GB 5Tk Internet Offer

An amazing offer you cannot afford to miss. Banglalink customers can get 1GB internet for 5TK only! Now you can get 1GB internet by recharging 5TK after buying any of the following internet packages.

First Buy following Packs by recharging
  • 1.5GB @ 99TK/ 7day
  • 2.5GB @ 129TK/7Day
  • 750MB @ 119TK/30Day
  • 1.5GB @ 209TK/30day
  • 3GB @ 399TK/30Day
  • 5GB @ 499TK/30Day
  • 25GB @ 1799TK/30Day
Then 1GB  Recharge 5Tk or Dial *5000*555#
Validity Same as First Pack
More Details 

-Banglalink 1GB 7Days 89Tk Dial *5000*516# or Recharge 89Tk Check  *124*50#
-Banglalink 4Hour Unlimited Data Pack 19Tk (FUF 1GB) Dial *5000*773# Check *121*119#

-(Not Sure) Banglalink 2GB Night Pack (Usable 12AM-12PM) 7Days Dial *5000*77# Check *5000*500#
-(Not Sure) 500MB 5Days 49Tk Dial *5000*588#
-(Not Sure) 2GB 7Days 129Tk Dial *5000*577#
-(Not Sure) 250MB 3Days 25Tk Dial *5000*77# Check *5000*500#
-(Not Sure) 2GB 3Days 45Tk  Dial *5000*583# Check *5000*500#
-(Not Sure)  5GB 7Days 98Tk Dial *5000*584# Check *5000*500#
For More Details Banglalink Internet offer 

Teletalk Internet Data Bonus Offers

Teletalk New Year's Surprise Offer
Teletalk 299Tk Bundle Offer,
- 1.5GB Internet
- Any Local Operator 400Min Talktime
-  Any Local Operator 100SMS
*Validity 30 Days
*Talktime Data SMS Usable 24 Hours
To Buy Bundle Recharge 299Tk or *111*299#
Data other balance check *152# or  Type U send to 111

Validity can be extended buying again same bundle within validity period

-Teletalk 1GB 10Days +1GB Bonus 5days 70Tk Dial *111*511# Check *152#
-Teletalk 1GB 30Days +1GB Bonus 7days 180Tk Dial *111*531# Check *152#
-Teletalk 2GB 30Days +2GB Bonus 10days 270Tk Dial *111*532# Check *152#
-Teletalk 4GB 30Days +4GB Bonus 15days 350Tk  Dial *111*533# Check *152#
-Teletalk 45MB 2Days 8Tk Dial *111*501# Check *152#
-Teletalk 100MB 3Days 15Tk Dial *111*502# Check *152#
-Teletalk 250MB 3Days 25Tk Dial *111*503# Check *152#
-Teletalk 150MB 7Days 20Tk Dial *111*512# Check *152#
-Teletalk 300MB 10Days 35Tk Dial *111*513# Check *152#
-Teletalk 1GB 15Days 100Tk Dial *111*521# Check *152#
-Teletalk 2GB 15Days 150Tk Dial*111*522#Check *152#
-VAT, SD and surcharge will be applicable.
For More Details Teletalk Internet offer

Robi Internet Data Bonus Offers

Robi  20% bonus on purchase of internet pack from bKash/Rocket!

Robi Ghechang Store Dial *999# Free- 100% Bonus Talktime & Internet - Amazing Offers in the Ghechang Store

Check Your Offer in this link

Robi Pre-4G Internet Bonus Offer
Upto 100GB
To purchase a data pack dial *123# & Get 100% 4G Bonus
4G Bonus will be usable after 4G Service Starts more details 

Robi 1GB 30Tk Validity 2days Dial *123*301#

- Robi 1.5GB 7Days 101Tk + 2GB Free Facebook & Youtube
Internet & Bonus Validity 7Days
Recharge 101Tk or Dial *123*101#
Data Check *8444*88#

Robi 2.5GB 337Tk + 2.5GB Free Facebook Youtube
Validity 28Days
Dial *123*2048# or Recharge 337Tk
Data Check *8444*88#

-Robi 500MB 2days 36.53Tk(VAT Included) Dial *123*3*2*1#
-Robi 500MB 7days 49Tk *123*049#
-Robi 1GB Internet 7Days 89Tk (VAT Included) Dial *123*089# or Recharge 89Tk
-Robi 2GB 7Days 129Tk(VAT Included) Dial*123*02#
-Robi 3GB 7Days 159Tk(VAT Included) Dial *123*03#
-Robi 2GB 14 Days 149 Tk Dial *8444*2024# Or Easy load 178TK
-Robi 1GB 28Days 175Tk *8444*500#
-Robi 2GB 28Days 265Tk *8444*85#

-Robi Youtube 500MB 2Days 37Tk Dial *123*3*2*1#
-Robi Youtube 1GB 7Days 49Tk Dial *123*1024#

-Robi Daily Internet Deals "5 Type Of Packs"
  1. Any Use 
  2. Night Pack (12AM-10AM)
  3. Facebook, Instagram
  4. WhatsApp, Viber, IMO, Skype, SnapChat
  5. Youtube
10Tk Pack 1Day *123*010#
20Tk Pack 1Day *123*020#
30Tk Pack 1Day *123*030#
Balance *8444*88#

For More Details Robi Internet offer

airtel Internet Data Bonus Offers

airtel Tong Offer Menu Dial *999# For Internet Offer,Talktime Offer,Bundle Offer

airtel New Year Data Offer
airtel 2GB 2Days 35Tk Dial *123*035#

airtel 3.5GB 7Days 92Tk
Recharge Exactly 92Tk
*Daily 512MB
*Data Check *8444*88#

-airtel 100% Internet Offers
-1GB + 2GB Bonus (1GB Youtube + 1GB Facebook) Validity 7Days
Dial *123*089# or Recharge 89Tk

-2GB + 3GB Bonus (2GB Youtube + 1GB Facebook) Validity 7Days
Dial *123*129# or Recharge 129Tk

-4GB + 5GB Bonus (4GB Youtube + 1GB Facebook) Validity 7Days
Dial  *123*179# or Recharge 179Tk

-To check availed offers and balance need to dial *8444*88#
-Bonus data volume is usable anytime within the validity
-Bonus validity is same as relevant pack validity

-airtel  300 MB  3 days 29Tk  Dial *123*025# or Recharge 29 taka 
-airtel  500 MB  5 days 45Tk Dial *123*045# 
-airtel  1GB 7Days at 89Tk Recharge or Dial *123*089#
-airtel  2GB 7Days at 129Tk Recharge or Dial *123*129#
-airtel  3GB 7days 159Tk  Dial *123*159# or Recharge 159 taka 
-airtel  4GB  7days  179Tk Dial *123*179# or Recharge 179 taka 
-airtel  1.5GB  28 days 229Tk  Dial *123*229# or Recharge 229 taka

airtel Night Time Internet offers
Usable 12 AM – 10 AM
1GB 3 Days 18Tk Dial *123*018#
2GB 7 Days 35Tk Dial *123*035#
10GB 28 Days 169Tk Dial *123*169#
To check availed offers and balance need to dial *8444*88#

For More Details  airtel Internet offer

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