From Now, Lowest Call Rates 45Paisa/Min or More, No More 25Paisa Or 30 Paisa

Lowest Call Rates Will Be 45Paisa/Min, No More 25Paisa Or 30Paisa
Government has decided to implement new call rate system.
Now Call Rate System has On net(Same Operator) & Off -net (Other-Operator) Call rates.
If Mobile Number Portability(MNP) is introduced,Customer would not understand whether other numbers are using same network or other network because by MNP System, any number (such as a grameenphone number) could be used in any other network (such as banglalink,robi,airtel,teletalk network) .This is also a reason for this implementation .
Mobile Operators will update new call rates soon.

From now on,On net(Same Operator) & Off -net (Other Operator) Call rates will not be less then 45Paisa/Min .This includes FNF System also.




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