Robi Minute offer 2021  -  8Tk 14Tk 27Tk 43Tk 64Tk 99Tk 207Tk 497Tk


Robi Minute offer 2021 
Robi minute menu dial *0#

10 Minutes 12Hours 8Tk Dial *0*1*1#
21 Minutes 16Hours 14Tk Dial *0*2*1#
42 Minutes 24Hours 27Tk Dial *0*3*1#
67 Minutes 4Days 43Tk Dial *0*4*1#
100 Minutes 7Days 64Tk Dial *0*5*1#
160 Minutes 7Days 99Tk Dial *0*6*1#
340 Minutes 30Days 207Tk Dial *0*7*1#
800 Minutes 30Days 497Tk Dial *0*8*1#
  • To check the remaining minutes balance, dial *222*2# or *222*8# or *222*25#
  • Bundle Min Pulse is 10 second
  • The price is inclusive of SD, VAT and SC
Robi Postpaid Minute Offer 2021
(Price including VAT, SD & SC )
18Min 3Days 13.33Tk Buy Online
25Min 4Days 19.99Tk Buy Online
36Min 1Day 24Tk Buy Online
45Min 5Days 33.31Tk Buy Online
80Min 7Days 53Tk Buy Online
90Min 10Days 61Tk Buy Online
160Min 7Days 99tk Buy Online
190Min 10Days 118Tk Buy Online
230Min 30Days 189Tk Buy Online
315Min 30Days 194Tk Buy Online
285Min 30Days 199.88Tk Buy Online
800Min 30Days 497Tk Buy Online

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