airtel Minute offer 2021 - 6Tk 8Tk 18Tk 23Tk 28Tk 48Tk 53Tk

 airtel Minute offer 2021 - 6Tk 8Tk 18Tk 23Tk 28Tk 48Tk 53Tk 74Tk 97Tk 107Tk 118Tk 199Tk 207Tk 488Tk


airtel Minute offer 2021 
You can check the balance by dialing *778*0#
10 Minutes 2 Days recharge 6Tk or Dial *121*06#
12 Minutes 12 Hours recharge 8Tk or Dial *121*08#
30 Minutes 24 Hours recharge 18Tk or Dial *121*18#
36 Minutes 2 Days recharge 23Tk or Dial *121*23#
46 Minutes 2 Days recharge 28Tk or Dial *121*28#
80 Minutes 7 Days recharge 48Tk or Dial *121*48#
85 Minutes 7 Days recharge 53Tk or Dial *121*53#
120 Minutes 7 Days recharge 74Tk or Dial *121*074#
160 Minutes 7 Days recharge 97Tk or Dial *121*97#
175 Minutes 15 Days recharge 107Tk or Dial *121*0107#
190 Minutes 10 Days recharge 118Tk or Dial *121*0118#
330 Minutes 30 Days recharge 199Tk or Dial *123*0199#
340 Minutes 30 Days recharge 207Tk or Dial *123*0207#
800 Minutes 30 Days recharge 488Tk

Terms & Conditions
  • No amount will be added to the main account balance.
  • Call rate is applicable for local numbers only.
  • This offer can be availed multiple times during the campaign duration.
  • Call rate is not applicable on Bonus Minutes and Bundle Minutes. Bonus minutes and Bundle Minutes will be consumed first.
  • Lower call rates will be applicable for FnF and Priyo numbers.
  • Other service rates (such as SMS, etc.) will remain unchanged (as per the existing product proposition) during the campaign period.
  • Government taxes on tariff will be applicable.
  • VAT, SD & SC are included in bundle price.



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